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The George Foreman Grille

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I just bought one today. I made dinner on it tonight and it turned out really well. I marinated chicken tenders in soy sauce and garlic, and we had yellow & orange peppers, eggplant and portobella mushrroms with it. All of it cooked on the grille. The chicken was tender and juicy.

Anyway I can't wait to play with my new toy somemore

Anybody else got one? And if you do, got any recipes to share?

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I got one for Christmas from my brother which was such a nice gift, but I haven't used it yet. I have a propane grill out in the patio and use that just about every nite of the week. It'll probably come into good use for me sometime down the road. I heard they were really good. I always cook either marinated chicken or fish on my grill and it's juicy and tender, but then again, after cooking the same thing for about 10 years...it'd be scary if ya screwed it up! haha!

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Well, I am glad someone can grill this time of year. Sometimes we are lucky to get the stupid grill going. However, it is very nice, as you can set your drinks outside, no need for a cooler. Gotta watch though, sodas that freeze are dangerous
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AP.... I got one for xmas and have cooked on it several times. But no real recipies to pass on. Just trail and error..lol

Cat... I did cook fish on mine several times... It came out just great and was done in 7 min flat. And soooo easy to clean up! You should use it as it is so fast and easy.

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the one thing I didn't like was the clean up. Maybe I did something wrong, because it wasn't that easy. You're just suppose to use a damp cloth, right?

How do you cook your fish? Do you season it?
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Cleanup my way.... by the time supper is over the grill is cooled off and i take it and sit it near the edge of the sink. take the grey turner that comes with it and scratch off most of the stuff into the sink. take a really wet rag or a teflon scrub pad and wipe off the rest of mess. mess runs in sink..grin then wipe with clean damp cloth. maybe you tried to do it while hot still??

Fish.... i seasonded the filets (louisiana catfish) and let sit awhile in a bit of butter/lemon juice mixture.
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Let me tell you Catfish is gooooooooood!!!!!
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I waited until it was cool, but I never thought to use the scraper to get the gunk off *smacks head* That's a great idea to take it over to the sink. Clean up is going to be easy next time!!

What do you season your fish with? I'm just getting into this cooking thing and am clueless. I have no idea what to season fish with.
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There's a spice in the store... "fish seasoning" haha! I swear...I'm not kidding! I get it all the time...:laughing2

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ROTFL.... I think KF is hinting that I cook him some when he comes down here along with some hushpuppies... You see he is now spoiled because when I went up to NB last time I brought a small cooler full of cajun stuff to cook for him. I not only brought the fish but also some crawfish tails, shrimp, and crab for a seafood gumbo. Also the stuff to make dirty rice (rice dressing). Have to fatten that skinny dude up some.

AP... I have also cooked hamburgers, hotdogs, and ham steak on it so far. Actually my son told me to use a really wet rag and to put the edge over the sink so as not to make a mess. Have to give him credit for that.
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I'm looking forward to cooking all of those things on it!
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AP... Being from down here in cajun country I seasoned my fish with a "tiny" bit of Tony Chachere's seasoning mix. But if you do use something like that make sure you dont use extra salt as most seasoning mixes already have salt in them. Or you can just use plain ole salt and pepper...
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I have one and adore it!!! Ok, mine is a Hamilton Beach, but basically the same thing.

I do chicken breasts about 3 times a week and buy them in bulk, season about 3 or 4 in different spices like lemon pepper, garlic/Italian, or whatever, and freeze 'em until I want 'em.

My b/f cleans his with a paper towel while its warm, but I've found that if I take a clean damp wash/dish rag and just pop it in and close the lid after I remove the food, let it sit while I eat, then quiickly wipe it down, it comes Very clean, and takes no time at all!

I'll work on the recipes for ya, I have to admit I mainly do chicken, but want to try fish now too!
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My father wanted one so I got it for him for Christmas and he loves it. He has heart problems and he has to watch his fat intake and he tells me that it really cooks meats nicely and he couldn't believe all the grease/fat that he use to eat.
I can't reply on the fish part cause he don't eat fish, but beef and boneless pork chops he said gets good marks.
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I have had one for about a year and a half. I don't have any special reciepies to share, I usually just cook hamburger or chicken on it. It's so fast and easy, I just love it!

Clean-up--When I first got mine I found it developed a greasy smell after I used the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning it a couple of times. We didn't want to get food poisoning so now after I scrape all the gunk off I put a small amount of detergent on a damp paper towel and wipe it down. Then I go over it again with a couple of paper towels that are just damp, and finally with a dry paper towel, the grill no longer has a greasy smell.
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I want one............
NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

addicted to kitchen gadgets here....my fav is the Rotato ! It's the ro ro ro rotato!
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Me too!!! Waaaaa!!! But hey, I've been married for 8 years and don't even have a crockpot yet ... So, that rotato thing really works huh? I'm pretty wary of those new kitchen gadgets, I've gotten so many that never do what they're supposed to. But a grill...I NEED one of those
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I should be on the infomercial....I sing the song while using it. Family laughs, but who cares??????
I can peel a 10 pound bag of taters in about 3 minutes flat........
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:tounge2: Very amusing mental picture of potato peeling, singing and some butt shaking
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Oohh, I've been wanting to buy one, too! I like chicken, so I think I can handle it ........... Maybe I'll get one this weekend!?
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My mom had said I should by one, but I didn't want to blow the $$. But seeing as you all seem to love it, I think I may head out to Sears today.

As far as kitchen gadgets go: All I can say is I am a Pampered Chef addict. Their stuff is awesome. I love the chopper, you can chop onions or garlic in about 20 sec flat! Any chance I get to buy something from them, I am there. Any other Pampered Chef people out there??????????
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Meant to say a Crockpot is a must have in my opinion. I love mine, although I have the smaller one and I really need a larger one. Perhaps for my birthday?? I love doing stew, or potroast. Its great!
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Sure, rub it in I want one big enough to cook a nice big chicken :chicken: in. My family looooves chicken All the ones I've seen so far have been pretty small, so I think I'll look around when I venture into the city in a couple of weeks.
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Mel, I believe there is a 4 qt and a 6 qt and it makes a world of difference. I have the smaller one which makes it tougher to make roasts,etc. Not a lot of room for the veggies and stuff. So if you buy one, try to get the larger. You'll be happier I think.
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Yeah, I was thinking on a 6 qt one. My hubby loves stews and homemade soups and such. Roasted chicken with garlic and chunks of potatoes is a hit too Any suggestions on a particular brand that is tried and true?
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Mine just says "crock pot".........so I am not sure if that is the actual Brand Name or not.
I'm sure they all work well, and most of them are reasonable priced. I think I paid like $25 for mine about 7 years ago.
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Now I want one of those George Foreman grills! We eat chicken all the time, (ugh) I mean, all the time. It's my husband's favorite, so the kids and I just suffer through. It would be nice to have something to cook it easily. I love using my grill, but it's a charcoal grill and is kind of a pain. I love the taste of charcoal grilling though, so I'll never switch to gas.

As far as kitchen gadgets, I love my crock pot. I've got some great recipes, and you can't beat it for cooking roast beef.
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I've had the George Foreman grill for about 2 years. I like it, but beware, it's not for meat with bones in it, like a chicken leg.

Seems to be best when the meat is marinated. I soak steaks or chicken in Italian dressing a lot. I have also cooked salmon on it. I like to marinate that in teriyaki.

The other thing the GFG is good for is sandwiches like grilled cheese.
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Mmmmmmm...Teriyaki Salmon, that sounds amazing, I'm going to try that...
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I have the Hamilton Beach grill also....I love it. I use it mostly for hamburgers and steaks, but have also used it for pork chops and ham steaks.

Meme...I love that Tony Chachere's seasoning!! I put it on my steaks alot!! MMMMMM

Hey Deb M , I would love to hear more about this rotato thing...I have never heard of it...and I hate peeling potatoes!!! Where'd you get it? Sounds like something I definately need!
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