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Feeling Guilty

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Feeling very guilty right now. Many of you have read my past posts about my financial problems. My parents have helped us out soooo much in the past. I just lost my job and am not getting unemployeement yet (?) Hopefully I will soon!!!
So I wrote to my grandparents to see if they could help us out a little.. They sure did! They sent us a check and gift cards for pick-n-save. Along with a letter... (keep in mind my grandma HATES animals ) She went on to say She was taught to help and never ask questions as to how the money is spent, but she told me I have to get my priorities straight.. She said she knows I have cats, one she can accept, but not 7 I love my babies, and they are NOT the problem here.
Also she is very mad that we smoke... Not excuses here, but I come from an addictive family. A lot of Alcoholism... Smoking is my vice. I know it is bad, and we can't afford it. I think That I am going to pass the no smoking rule in my house. My husband is a truck driver so you know he isn't going to quit.
I just have to let this out.
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Hugs to you!! It sounds as if you are having an extremely hard time. Are there other ways you could cut back? I know what it is like to struggle with finances. There are never any easy answers. Best of luck to you, hon.
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Erin, it sounds like you are going through so much right now. I'm glad your grandparents were able to help you out. I know you'll be back on your feet very soon. Remember, you have nothing to feel guilty about! Watch some Dr. Phil- he can set ya straight!
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I don't have any great words of wisdom for you, but wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and hope things get better for you soon.
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I think we've all been in financial straights before so hold on. It might get worse before it gets better but it will get better. Unemployment will kick in and you will find another job, so keep your head up.

As far as the smoking thing goes, is there anyway you can cut back? Even dropping a little bit of expense helps. My dad smokes two-three packs a day and it really adds up. I do like the no smoking in the house idea. I don't allow anyone to smoke in my car or apartment. My Dad is trying to cut back and he makes sure that it is inconvient for him to smoke. He leaves them in the kitchen that way when he wants one he has to go in to the kitchen to get one. (Or if your husband has health insurance, maybe you can go to the doctor and try quitting with help. Although I totally understand if you can't afford it. With insurance though, it may be cheaper to quit with the drugs they have now than to keep smoking.)

That's about the only advice I can give other than this: Try to relax, the last thing you need to is get stressed out and sick. Take a deep breath and a bath, cuddle your kitties or whatever helps you relax then go back to focusing on your money problems.
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My big vice is I love wine-sometimes I can drink 3 bottles in a week in the summer not as much in the winter. Its really bad for my waistline!!! So I have been pretty good recently on holding out and opening a bottle on friday to last the weekend.
I've not smoked but I have a co-worker who does and several if us have begged for her to stop. I understand its very hard. I do not know how many you have in one day but could you perhaps calculate the price per cigarette and for every less one you smoke but that money in a jar??? When you see the money adding up perhaps more incentive.
Also one of my co-workers for as long as I have worked with her does a monthly budget with the envelopes. She is the most frugal (sometimes to an extreme!)that I know. They have taken nice family vacations with the kids (her 2 and his 3).
Keep a diary to see where money is spent-ie buying a soda at the gas station when filling up the vehicle with gas.
How is the jobs outlook in the Milwaukee area?? I live near Green Bay and it doesn't seem too bad right now.
Good luck with the smoking issue.
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You have been having such a terrible time of things latley. I will send you many good vibes that a good job will come your way soon.
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Thank you all. Jobs are tough these days. It is like you have to apply online for everything these days... When I do that I don't really feel like I am looking But I guess that is how you did these days!
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