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Update on Lexus

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Figured I would pop in to give you a quick update on Lexus. This morning her poop was greenish and watery, so I went ahead and contacted my foster coordinator and was told to bring in a stool sample for a fecal exam at the shelter.

This afternoon, Lexus' poo was still loose, but normal colored. I had wisely given her a box w/ shredded paper instead of litter, so I scooped it up and delivered it to the shelter. I find out test results tomorrow.

I did go ahead and give her some pumpkin w/ acidophilis around 4pm and she gobbled it up -- since I switched her back to 100% kitten chow yesterday eve and her poop seems to be heading toward normal already, I'm hoping the tummy upset was just due to the food change. As much as I hate keeping her on the Purina, I guess that it's for the best right now.

Please send good vibes for a clear fecal test tomorrow!
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I hope it all goes well and its just due to change in the food! In my thoughts
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seems like you re on the right track - good luck!!
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