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New Kitty--

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Hi All,

I'm very new to the board. I have a question for you, and I hope you can give me some advice. I just adopted my first kitty -- a beautiful solid, black shorthair, female, five/six years old. I've had her for exactly 24 hours, and she seems very frightened, and is hiding under the bed. She does come out to use her litter box and so forth, and does come out occasionally for a minute or two. From what I understand, this is relatively "normal" behavior for a cat who was basically rescued from the pound-- and that it takes a while for cats to get used to their new environment.

I was wondering what I should do exactly. Should I just leave her alone, or should I try to initiate contact. I don't want to frighten her too soon. Advice would be appreciated.

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Yes, it's very normal for cats to do this. They can even do this for a few months if they are really scared. Really, the best you can do is to show her that you aren't going to hurt her or take her away.
I would let her come out when she wants. I would also sit in the room where she's hiding and talk to her. If she comes out, let her come to you. Once she seems a little less afraid, try offering her a treat. Most cats really like baby food. Turkey or chicken is usually a favorite. You just need to make sure it doesnt have any onion powder in it. Give her time, she will come around.
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Sandie always gives the best advice. You are great for taking in an older kitty form the shelter. Congratulations on your new adoption. Before you now it, you will be writing asking how to keep her off of you and stop all that klitty loving!
Good luck - and please come and visit with us often.........
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I know exactly how it feels to get a new cat. I just got one about 2 weeks back. And she does the same thing as your new kitten, hiding and stuff. Now she's starting to come out and play and she seems very happy. I agree with Sandie. Let her come out when she wants to and approach her slowly and talk to her. Very soon she'll be all over you

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My cat was abused before I got her and I hardly saw her for a long time after we got her. Do you know much about how she ended up at the pound?

I made sure my cat had plenty of 'hidey holes' that were quiet and never ever bothered her there. Actually, I never bothered her at all, but if I saw her out I'd say hi. I also made sure not to close any doors in my house so I wouldn't accidentally trap her anywhere.

She's a great kitty and sleeps with me every night now! Defiantely worth the effort!

Good luck and congratulations!
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Congratulations on your new baby. I'm sure she will come around soon. Just take it slow and when she's ready she'll let you know. She's a lucky girl and so are you.
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Hi All,

Thank you so much for replying so quickly, and for giving such great advice.

My new one is coming around great. She has her hiding place under the bed, but she comes out and jumps on the bed quite often and wants some love! On Sunday morning, before I got up, she hopped up on the bed, sprawled out, and clearly was waiting for some affection. She seems to be adapting quite well. She's found yet another windowsill to jump into, and watches her "tv."

As for her background, her owners gave "no reason" when they turned her into the pound. Makes me wonder what happened or how she became disassociated from her original owners. Anyway, I'm giving her her space, and she seems to appreciate that. I've found that, much like myself, she likes her space, but she's also very affectionate and sweet and likes attention at the right time.

I never realized I would become attached to a cat so quickly. I'm just crazy about her! I can't imagine life without her.

Thanks again,

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