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I will respond personally to everyone that has written to me or sent me e-cards when I get home - thankyou so much everyone it really means the world to us
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Oh my goodness!!! Danielle what a brilliant thread to open up on this morning!

Awwwwww she's so precious isn't she! You all look brilliant, and so happy the both of you!

I'm so pleased it's over for you because now you can enjoy it
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Originally Posted by huggles
Jasmine Louise O'Brien - awww your SOOOO GORGEOUS!!!
Owwwwww She is so pretty! Congratulations to you both!!!
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Thank you for the update and the pictures!....awwwww!

Danielle and Chris, Jasmine is just so beautiful! She is gorgeous!

You look beautiful Danielle!

I bet you can't wait to get home so you and Chris can have her all to your selves! From what you've said, you've got a very good girl there!
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OMG! What a perfect family! Jasmine you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful! :clap
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A girl a girl how wonderful! Girls rule yeah......

And WHAT a beautiful name - congratulations!!!
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Oh, WOW Dan...she is soooo beautiful and precious!!!!
Thank you for these amazing pictures!!! Jasmine looks like a little angel, and you and Chris both look sooo happy and proud - as you should!

Hope you are feeling ok and will be home soon with your precious little baby Jasmine!
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Oh Wow! She finally arrived!!! Congratulations to you and Chris at last!!! Those are awesome photos and Jasmine looks like such a sweet baby girl!!! It's good to hear that she's a healthy baby too!!! Way to go Danielle!!!!!!!
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Aww, she's georgeous.
I just LOVE her little hat in the first picture, very jaunty.

Sorry to hear you didn't get the birth you wanted but hey, look who you've got now, it was worth it aye?!
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Oh my, what a way to start my Wednesday!! YEAA!! I'm sorry to hear Dan that the delivery didn't go exactly the way you wanted, but look what the result was!!! Jasmine is just beautiful, as are her parents!! Thanks for the update! Love you all!!!
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Awwwww Dan, Jasmine is absolutely gorgeous! (there was no doubt there!) Sorry to hear the birth didn't go the way you wanted it to, but in the end you have a beautiful healthy baby girl, and that's the main thing, eh?!!

Thanks soooo much for sharing your pics, they really made my day!!
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What a beautiful little girl!!
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What great photos!! Dad looks every bit the proud father, Jasmine looks angelic, and you look radiant! Congratulations again
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Oh my gooooooosh! Danielle, she is just a perfect angel!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in tears when I read your latest post. The intensity you overcome with the love of your husband is just remarkable...your little family is just the sweetest! Congrats the three of you! Cheers to some wonderful and exciting years!!!!!
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Danielle, I'm just in awe to the point I'm beyond words. I'm just crying tears of love and joy! Precious, precious little Jasmine, you are so loved!
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Danielle, Jasmine is such a beautiful, perfect baby
I love that picture of you holding her because you are just GLOWING .
Look at Chris bathing his baby girl! That is too sweet; it looks like he has taken to the daddy thing quite easily and we already all know you are going to be a wonderful mommy.

Congratulations again on bringing that precious, precious baby into this world .
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Jasmine Louise O'Brien - awww your SOOOO GORGEOUS!!!

Oh my goodness, Danielle! She certainly is!!!!! I'm in love, I'm all shook up!!!!!!!
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I am soooo crying and smiling at the same time right now. Dan, if you read this, she is just beautiful !!!!! You two must be thrilled I am so sorry that your perfect pregnancy ended up to have a little "glitch" in the end, but she is just perfect

Congratulations and take advantage to rest up while you are still in the hospital. Talk to you later
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Jasmine is beautiful.
You and Chris are glowing with joy.
Every picture is absolutely priceless.
You have a perfect family.
I am so happy for you
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Dani and Chris and Jasmine- you look like a family glowing in love. Congrats again on the new arrival, so sorry the birthing was so rough, but it looks like a diamond was the result of all your hard labor-

Hugs to you from across the world

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It's wonderful to see pictures of little Jasmine and her proud parents!
She's absolutely beautiful. Congratulations again to all of you!
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oh she's lovely!

You know.. I'm not all-together fond of newborn pictures because generally as they tend to look all sort of red and squashy, but she's a little beauty!

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Oh Dan! Jasmine is such a beautiful baby girl! Just perfect. You and Chris look so happy and proud - and you have every right to be. You're right, you're not biased...she really is THAT beautiful!! (Not that we're biased or anything... )
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Oh, Dan! She is GORGEOUS!!! You and Chris are so blessed to have a wonderful baby girl!
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I agree with Denise that most infants aren't all that cute - but in Jasmine's case I am willing to make an exception! Yeah, she's a keeper.
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She's so beautiful!
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I cant believe it, I missed this thread? how? geez im so bad! but OMG what a gorgoues baby!!!! what a little sweetheart!! Congrats to you Danielle and to Chris!!! wow 3and 1/2 days in labour.... dude thats incrediable! your one tough chick!! congrats again!!
baby Jasmine!!
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What a pretty little girl!!


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Dan, I think Jasmine needs a little brother or sister!
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Oh Danielle, Jasmine is absolutely gorgeous!! And you look soooo happy!
You both must be so proud! Sorry to hear the delivery was so hard on you.
But look what you have now, a precious baby girl!


P.S. Please PM or email me your mailing address when you get a chance!!!

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