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need advise

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HI I am new to this forum and I am looking for some help. I have a shaded silver persian that is 10 years old and on labor day a week ago he had blocked urinary tract. I didn't notice any of the signs till it was almost to late. The vet had to do emergency surgery twice since he has been there in the ER. My concern is did I do the right thing by having the surgery done or am I being selfish and putting my cat in misery? Also I am young and me and my husband do not have money. The vet has given us an estimate 3 days ago and it was already over $2000. This is my best friend especially since my husband is gone 8 months out of the year,He is a marine, My cat is my life, I love him so much. So basically I am looking for some insight if my cat will have the same quality of life after this? Also does anyone know how long cats live? Am I fighting a losing battle?
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Well, I cant imagine your cat not feeling better after having the blockage removed. I dont have exeprience with exact thing, but I think you did the right thing.

I do know that you should stop feeding dry food if you are and switch to raw or at least a very high quality canned food.

good reads:

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You did the right thing your baby will still have a good life ahead. Kitties can live to be fairly old and I have a soft spot for persians I have four..three calicos, and a bi color male
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His quality should be much better now... I do suggest wet food of high end leval , low in magnesium and phosherous( talk to the vet) ... I have a 17 yr old cat so yours has many (hopefully) great years ahead
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First of all, follow your vet's advice on diet. He knows your cat, has seen the inner workings and will be able to guide you on the proper choices of food.

Ten years old is not that old for cats, so please stop feeling guilty. It is likely the vet did blood work prior to the surgery and would have alerted you to if the cat was able to endure the surgery or not.

There is a FLUTD listserver you can join and talk to others who are going through much what you are. I had the link months ago, let me see if I still have it. I understand the group is very caring and compassionate
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This link will lead you the FLUTD mailing list

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My heart goes out to you. I had a cat named George (thus my screen name) who had chronic blockages from chrystals. Did your cat have surgery or was he catheterized? After months of bringing George to the vets for admissions for blockages, I finally decided to let the vet perform a "P.U" surgery. Poor George did not fair well (I had to have him put down a few days later to end his suffering). To this day, I do not understand what went wrong. The vet blamed herself, but did not give me any details. She said he gave up the fight. I think my experience was unusual. I believe that you made the right choice for your cat. I want to feel that I did as well, even though the outcome left me heartbroken. My prayers are with you and Samurai that he recovers and has many qualiity years with you.
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