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Awwww look at those gorgeous boys!

I use the plug in fresheners as well, but didn't know if you could get them there otherwise i'd have sent you half a dozen of the gel ones to keep your housemate from whining!

I'm like Heidi on this one as well, because you must be getting attached to them

I know your coming over to the UK during your trip, but if theres anything that you can't get in Bosnia just let me know and i'll send it no problem!.
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Jenny - I just saw this post. They look so happy now. I will ask my uncle (he is home now from Bosnia) to see if he knows anyone in Sarajevo. I wish I could help you
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I am so sorry there is nothing I can do, or say, except these two are so very lucky to be in your hands.
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Originally Posted by BigKittenDaddy
Jenny I know you are a smart woman but may I remind you of the odor control wonders of everyday baking soda, I should think it is available even in Bosnia which to a hick like me while it is not quite the ends of the Earth it seems that way sometimes... If you cannot get it there, if you would like I will be able to get your address from the mailing list next week when my threee months are up and I would be glad to send some of the scented baking soda carpet powder which I also sprinkle in the litter pan to you. Just let me know. Your Friend Howard.
Hah! My cats refuse to use litter that has baking soda sprinkled in it (and i used a special kind for adding to cat litters, sold in pet store). So, you got to be careful with this stuff.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Jenny, my heart goes out to you every time I read of the issues you have there, which can be so foreign to us who are used to living with every luxury available to us.

I have to tell you...I had a dream about these two last night! I dreamed that you found a wonderful home for Wellington, but since Napolean had been so sickly and little you just couldn't bear to part with him.
Well, that did bring some memories for me. I am not from US originally, so I remember a time when there was no cat food and no cat litter, and no cat toys. Ooooohooo.

And the commercial kept playing "your kitty cat would have bought Whiskas". Maybe she would have, if she had any money.

But it wasn't all bad. Vets were free.
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Where was that, if I may ask? It was like that here during the war of course, and for a couple of years afterwards. But then there was no food for humans either - cabbage and turnips were the only veg in the winter. I remember every time I did a trip bringing back cans of cat food for the cat at the British Embassy - they used it like treats. Now Friskies and Whiskas products are everywhere, plus some very dodgy local ones, but I bring back Royal Canin whenever I can get away.
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