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Dog Bite

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Have a feral cat that I rescued. Two weeks ago tomorrow she was attacked by a dog. Two surgerys and two thousand $ later, she is not healing. Does anyone have any experience with dog bites? Don't know what else to do, the Vet is contacting some specialists tomorrow to get some further suggestions.

As a side note - Last Monday, 01/21, lost my 17 year old tabby Shandy. The orange tabby with the dog bite happened 01/19,Saturday, then I lose my baby on Monday.

To all you spirtual people - I had made God promise not to take my Shandy until he sent me a husband. . . . he sent me another cat!

Miss Shandy terribly, am I doing the wrong thing by trying to save this other cat. .. don't know. .
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I havn't really heard of a dog bite taking any longer to heal. Is it the site of the bite or the surgeries. I would imagine the vet has done tests to check for any underlying disease. It may even be stress that's got her immune system in the blink. I hope she's gonna be okay!
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Don't won't to get too gross in my explanation. . .Evidently a dog (or a cat's) bite has so much bateria in it that it leads to infection. These wounds were made by the dog's canine (fang) teeth, thus they are puncture wounds which are difficult to heal. The bacteria/bite is causing actual tissue (skin) to die. She has undergone a second surgery and the doctor reported that she was able to remove 90-95% of this "necrotic tissue", so I was hopeful. I go to visit her last night and more tissue has died and the sutures have come undone. Does anyone have experience contacting the Cornell Univeristy DrCat phone line? Would like to call it but have them talk to my vet instead of me. . . she would have all the right questions/answers to get the proper advise. Toni (her name) is really doing well emotionally - she is wearing one of those dreaded plastic "Elizabethan" collars but she eats, walks around and plays - it's only when you see her hind quarters and all her shaved areas that you get discouraged!
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Actually, cat bites can be MUCH worse than a dog bite infection wise. Even if it abcessed, it usually only takes 2-3 days for the affected skin to die and then be removed. That's why I asked if your vet has done any testing to see if this kitty has something that may be supressing the immune system.
As far as the Cornell consultation. I am not sure what the fee is. But you can call 1-800-548-8937.
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Tufts University in Grafton, MA - I'm sorry I don't know the Number, but they have an excellent large and small animal facility and university!

good luck....
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giving your cat GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) you can get it in small bottles at local health food stores and it has properties to kill all bacteria and fungus. Mix about 4 drops of it with wet food, if the cat will accept it- the stuff is really bitter. But I swear by it, it cured one of my horses, and I use it on all my cats now as well as my husband and I, and URI and colds and flus are no longer a problem in this household- plus wounds don't abscess on my ferals anymore (I put the stuff in the drinking water)
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I recommend Tufts in Grafton Mass. as well, I've had a couple of my horses out there and they are WONDERFUL! Sorry I don't know the number either. Good Luck, I hope it works out for ya. So sorry about Shandy But it looks like the new kitty was sent for a reason

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how's things?
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