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Its happening again

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Oh my god, its like dejavous (sp??) . This morning when my son was going to leave for the bus, Cymone darted out the door under his feet. This is just like how Simon had done it, and we all know the end result on that one. She has been out now all day, its cold and rainy, and I am terrified that her fate will be the same as Simon's was. Why do they have to dart out like that?? I am so frustrated, I never let them out, they know they are not supposed to go, but as soon as the door is even cracked, they bolt. I am getting so flustered, I know she is probably fine and will be home by dark, but part of me feels like this is a repeat of Christmas Eve.

Prayers please.
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I'm so sorry Daniela, I will be praying that she finds her way home safe and sound.
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My prayers are with you that she comes home safe.
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Oh no...Daniela, I'm so, so, sorry...the only thing we can do is pray that she's going to be okay...put some kitty food outside...keep calling her. She'll recognize your voice...Think positive thoughts, have Faith....

Prayers are sent your way...
Love & Hugs,
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Once she does come back, I would block the bottom half of the door so although it is inconveinent for humans to have to step over the blockade, the kitty can't get out without leaping. Look for your cat at about 3:00 a.m. it is quiet then and they feel safe and will come out. Make sure there is ample shelter somewhere, be it a cardboard box, or something she can go into when she is scared and cold. Use the scent covered sweatshirt trick, put out food, but not a lot because if you make it to easy for her to stay outside, she will choose to stay outside. Feed enough to entice her out, but don't feed her alot
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Oh Daniella I'm so sorry to hear that! I'll be sending kitty come home angel wings to bring her home . Try what Hissy suggest I think it will really work.
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Thanks for the tips Hissy and everyone else who posted. I did go looking for her, and didn't see anything. That could be good or bad. At least I know she probably is still alive. (I live by a very very busy road, so that is my biggest fear ).

I will try to entice her with food, and I think I'll put a sweatshirt outside to see if she smells it.

Thanks for all the well wishes.
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Maybe someone took her in too...either that or call animal control...I hope they caught her and took her to the humane society for shelter...give them a call!! I pray for her safe return!!!!
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I am so sorry to hear that Cymone got outside this morning, and I truly hope she doesn't meet the same fate that Simon did. It could be that cats rush outside like that because they are trying to satisfy their natural curiousity.

I have another suggestion for keeping the cats inside where they are safe. Have everyone use only one door whenever they enter and leave the house. If you have a door which opens onto an enclosed porch, use only that door because even if one of the cats does manage to get through the door, they will still be in the porch were they are safe.

As I post this, it is about 6 p.m. eastern time, has Cymone come home yet???
post #10 of 26 there any news on Cymone? I am SO sorry to hear she is missing. My prayers are with her, and I pray she comes home soon!!!!!!
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I hope with all my heart that by the time I am posting she has come home safely... I am thinking of you...

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Well, its 6:30pm here and I haven't seen her. Lorie, thanks for your suggestion. We already do that. Our back door has a mudroom between the indoor and outdoor, so we always close one before opening the other. But our front door is all open w/ a glassed in porch. Her and Sunshine sit in the windows all the time. We normally don't use that door to enter or exit, but my son does for the bus. We try to be very careful, but he is 5 and wasn't thinking that the cat may run out. I cannot blame him, he's just a little boy.
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I am sorry to hear she still hasn't come home....but please don't give up hope...I am sure she will be okay. Please keep us posted, and I will continue to say prayers for her.
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I am sending you kitty-capture prayers. You must have had a long night looking for her. With all our good thoughts, she HAS to come home!
Keep looking ~ she will come home!!!
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She appeared around 10pm last night....she was on the back porch. She was completely dry ( and it was pouring rain yesterday ), so I believe she was hiding somewhere until it stopped. She wasn't even damp!!

Thanks to all for all the prayers, they worked!!!!!!!!!!!
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OMG!!! That's fantastic!!! Awwww!!! I bet you were so relieved Daniela!!! and lots more!!!!

Love & Hugs,
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I just saw this thread with the happy ending included. I am very relieved for you. I know exactly what you mean about making a break for the door. Some of my friends say that their cats never go for the door. I can't say that I am as lucky. At my old apt., they would sit in the window, and when they saw my car, they would both bolt for the door. Luckily, there was a hallway, because sometimes barracading was unsuccessful, and out they would dash.

They are always right at the door when I come home now, but I always lower the garage door first.

In my original apt., Squirt always made a break for the door. One day, the maintenance people had been in while I was at work, and he got out. I found him outside when I got home. (Imagine my surprise.) For 2 years after that he was indoor/outdoor until I moved.

You gave me a bit of a happy flashback with your mention of a mud room. The house I grew up in had one too.
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Glad to hear everything is ok! Do you have a garage to go in & out of? Atleast if she does get out, she can't get out of the house ....
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This is really good news this morning!!
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I am so glad she is home safe. Give her a severe talking to and send her to her room (LOL)!
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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!


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YAAAAAAAY!!! : That is wonderful news!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!
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Goodie goodie goodie!
I am sooooooooo happy for you all that she is home safe and sound!
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I'm so glad your baby is back home!

I went through that torture too,feels like someone ripped your heart out.

Cagney was missing for 10 days, and I about lost my mind. When I finally found her, hiding under the apt. building with just her beautiful yellow eyes shining out, I cant even describe the feeling!
Of course the little vixen was also pregnant, but that was in part my fault, and some good came of that, because now I have Rudy!

So, now she's spayed, and still meets me at the door, but no longer tries to run out.

Again, I'm so happy she's back...give her a cuddle for me!
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HI im so happy you got your cat came back home. i have a big orange tabby cat her name is angel. I KNOW how it is to love a pet so mutch give your cat a big hug and kiss for me and angel
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I'm so glad you got a happy ending!
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