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Proposal stories

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I'm playing the waiting game these days.....yup....THAT waiting game....waiting for Bradley to propose already! (and I am getting QUITE impatient!!!)
So, indulge me and share with me the stories of how your significant other proposed to you (or how you proposed to your s/o).
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I am with you!!, also playing the waiting game!!

My friend Kelly went to the Santa Claus parade in town a couple of years ago and during the parade Santa came up to her and gave her a present. A beautiful engagement ring. When she looked over at her boyfriend he was already on one knee!, so romantic!. They have now been married for 2 years and have a 6 month old little boy
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My bf doesn't want to get married, just be together for the rest of our lives. Silly man.

But I always liked my parents engagement story. They'd known each other for ever and had been together for a year and my mother said something like:

"I really love you and want to be with you for the rest of my life."

So my father said.

"Well, I guess we'll have to get married."

They were dirt poor almost-hippies, so no rings, and they got married in their kitchen by a Universal Life Minister.
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I lived in Kentucky - he lived in Los Angles California. We met on an AOL pet chat.

He popped the question via AOL Instant Message. Seemed very appropriate.
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Hehe, I love these stories! Tracy, I bet your friend would have liked being Mrs. Clause .
I want more stories!!!
('course, I'd love it if I had my own story to share along with these! *sigh* )
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We had been daiting for 3 1/2 years..and we were just sitting there one night chatting, and i think i said something about getting tired of going home, and he said well why don't we get married then? i said ok when? he said i dunno pick a date! i said ok how about Aug. 7th, he said ok, and six months later we were married...and 18 years later here we still are!!+

Real roamntic Huh?
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Nothing really romantic with my Jerry. We were at my parents on New Years eve, 1999 We got there early, and he went in to take a nap so we could stay up till midnight! Well, I went to wake him up, and we were sitting on the bed. He said to me, "So, you won't live with me without being married huh?" He knew how I felt about that. So, he slips a ring box out of his pocket and handed it to me! I opened it and saw the ring and looked at him and he said, "will you?" I said " you betcha" and after a few smooches and hugs ran out to tell my parents!!
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I have a very unromantic and boring story!

My husband and I had been going out for 3 years and had been friends even longer. We KNEW we were going to get engaged and married at some point. One day we wandered into a jewelry store and saw a ring I loved that was even on sale. The salesman started putting the pressure on us, so we told him to hold on and walked outside to discuss it. So we talked about it, we decided it was time and my husband asked me and we went in and bought the ring. It was very spontaneous. I wish I had a Santa Claus story. We will be married 13 years on the 19th.
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Well, we had to plan ours, as our parents (read: my strange foreign parents) had a code of ethics that we were obliged to follow. so he had to ask permission for me to marry him. And then there was the dreaded talk with me and my father.. who felt blidsided.

but on my birthday, Jason proposed.
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At my last job, I worked for a jewelry manufacturer. One of the perks of working there was being able to buy jewelry and diamonds from our suppliers at cost. I was in charge of teh purchasing department, so I helped many men select the rings for their future wives (this was the best part of the job). Of course I always had to know later how they asked. Some of the best ones were:

at sunset on a cruise ship
on the radio
while on a gondola on the river
at the top of a mountain
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I've been engaged 3 times and none of the proposals were very romantic, but my last one was the worst. We were living together for 2 years already, so I guess he thought we were already married. When we just mutually decided to get married, I had my ring custom-made, and had the jeweler send it to me at home. So I got it (and immediately put it on) before he even knew I got it. Then he got home and I showed him, and he was ooo-ing and ahh-ing over how beautiful it was, and I was like, "well, aren't you going to ask me?" Then he did, but he was stumbling over the words and it was very awkward and very UNromantic. Not to mention, it was on the same day the special 9/11 networks-come-together thing was on TV so I had been watching that and was already in an icky mood.
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Amy, I'm waiting too. The thing holding him up is he hasn't saved enough for my ring yet.
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Well Tim and I were high school "Sweet Hearts"LOL... We were dating for 7 years before he proposed. (It was news years 2001/2002) It was New years eve and we were staying at a friends house. We were playing the game of life... Then it was time for the ball to drop and they pored champine.
(First of all I don't drink) But then Tim said lets all stand up I atcually said "I don't know why people get so excited over this, what is the big deal?" Then When it turned Midnight and the ball dropped. Tim got down on one knee and asked me to marry him I was bawling!!! I had no idea what was going on... I looked at my friends hand because I thought it was her ring.... It was HUGE!!! He did a great job!!!
After what seemed like 20 mins. I finally said yes. I was still trying to figure out what was going on. Then I called everyone I knew, but they all ready knew He asked my parents for permission and I thought that was great!!
We have been married for two years on Sept. 6th!!!!
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Mine is long- Mike put an ad in a National Singles Register that went nationwide. I answered his ad on a dare from my friends having no idea where he lived, just intrigued by this ad. When he answered my letter I found out he lived in Alaska. I was living in Southern California working for Dunn & Bradstreet. Ok, so we wrote for four years, I visited him twice once in the summer and once in the winter time. We knew something was working here, but we were hesitant for many reasons- age being a big factor.

During my winter visit, he packed a romantic picnic lunch, took some candles and we drove to a very frozen Tern Lake, where he parked, turned on soft music, and we ate. I had noticed him showing something to his sons in the hallway earlier and they were very secretive and happy about it, so I just "knew" something was up-

Well, we had a lovely time, and I was leaving that evening to fly home, so here I was poised, waiting for THE QUESTION but it never came! We drove back to his home, and I packed my things and we headed for the airport.

Before I got on the plane, he grabbed me and hugged me and then backed away and said- I want you to do me a favor please? I told him, I would do anything he asked, and he told me he wanted me to go home and not contact him for several months! He said he wanted both of us to pray about where this relationship was going and once we knew in our hearts that this is what God wanted, we were to contact each other.

I almost burst our crying but I held it together until I got on the plane and went home. As my friends picked me up at the airport, I told them what happened, and they took me home. Opening the door to my apartment, my phone was ringing, so I answered it and it was Mike! The first words out of his mouth, was "Will you marry me?" The dork! He had gotten scared about us marrying because of our age difference. He didn't want me to be saddled with taking care of an old man when I should be enjoying life. He also said he knew I expected to be asked, and so he held off and then finally just chickened out. I told him yes, and the next morning my ring arrived via Fed Ex- it was a gold nuggeted band, with my birthstone on it. The wedding band joins this band and has his birthstone and a large diamond on it- the significance is we are joined together by God- God represented by the Diamond in the middle, and joined by our birthstone-

We have been married now over 18 years-
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i propesed to charlie we where at a wedding reception and i was all romantic,and asked him to marry me he said yes (thankfully) and i got it in writing so he couldnt back out the next day still got the bit of paper,been wed 5 years now,and still very happy
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Oh mine is so strange...I had not dated in almost 10 years, (long story), and was ready to try again, when I noticed a new sysop in the pets forum I was a sysop on was kind of interesting in his notes in the sysop lounge. We began emailing privately, about cats, music, who lived in the rainier area (he was out in the Seattle area, I was in central new york state). After a Fall of emails, I sent him a Christmas care package (oh thank you again Great-Aunt Marion for your lovely homemade raspberry jam that I sent to him along with other goodies). We had our first phone call just after that...it lasted for hours. We only missed a couple of days after that first call, talking every day from then on. Part of our discussions were about what saying "I love You" meant to us, and in current society. I told him I didn't want to hear it unless he truly meant it, and he told me if he said it, it meant he'd want to marry me (we had also talked about marriage, committment, what we wanted, how we defined it).
The day after Valentines day that year (yes, things moved along very quickly!), he told me he loved me. I went quiet and said, does that mean what I think it does? he said "yes, and I said "yes" and that was that

I wore his dog tags ( he was a desert storm vet), and didn't get my ring until a trip to see him in late Summer...he was so nervous, he picked me up from the airport, drove over to a pretty area near a local river, told me I'd waited long enough, and presented me with in my eyes, totally gorgeous pear shaped diamond ring.

We married in October, less than a year after we began our email/phone courtship. Our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up this year
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Mine's not so romantic. We were supposed to get engaged on my BD but he got impatient. So I was laying on his couch exhausted after class and he had just gotten up because he was on night shift. So he went to his room and I heard a ring box close (silly man thought I didn't know the sound from a mile away!) and he came out with both hands in his pockets. Then he knealt down and proposed. That was 3 years ago yesterday!
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Well, this isn't a direct proposal, but...

My last serious boyfriend told me he was looking at rings and wanted to marry me, but when the going got rough (I was going through a manic phase, unbeknownst to me -- though he told me my moods were not "normal") he pretty much bailed without even trying to help improve the situation for either of us.

I actually broke it off, but he already had cut me off emotionally and wanted nothing to do with me after I tried to establish a friendship with him later on. He made a LOT of promises to me, and said he would never leave me, and I wouldn't want him back because I feel he would have worked harder if he really loved me.
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Mine's kinda y but romantic. We'd been together for a while and both knew we'd get married. It was his birthday, we were in Paris, and I was expecting something to happen. We went up the Eiffel Tower and he proposed on one knee ( ) then got out the plastic bottle of champagne that he'd managed to sneak past the guards! Very sweet man.
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Joe and I met online in Spring of 1999. Both just out of bad marriages, neither was willing to commit to another "serious" relationship so soon. We had a lot of fun chatting on the computer, and left it at that. There were a couple of times when he seemed so busy and we hadn't talked for a couple of weeks or so, and I actually deleted him from my chat list. Then I'd have to come up with some stupid excuse to re-add him when he'd send me a message again.

After being friends for nearly a year online, I went through a bit of a rough time. Joe was the only one that didn't judge me and continued to accept me for who I am. Suddenly, things started to get more serious with us. We had conversations about "unconditional love" and what it meant. In November, he asked me if I would like to fly to Florida to meet him (he's a NY native who was living in FL at the time, I was still here in IL). Scared to death, I said yes.

He bought my ticket and in January I flew to see him with knots in my stomach the whole way. We had only seen one another in photos and heard one another on the telephone. At one point, he was actually afraid he might not recognize me when I got off the plane!

That was all just silliness, because as soon as I got off that plane, my eyes went directly to him, leaning against a post by the gate. He started crying as I walked towards him, and any doubts immediately disappeared. The moment I remember most is him holding me with his face buried in my hair, crying and saying, "Oh my God, you're here" over and over.

That visit was for four days. We went to Disney, took long walks and talked and talked and talked. (He can STILL talk my ear off!) Getting on the plane to come back to Illinois was the hardest thing I can remember doing. Before I left, I put my head on his chest to hear his heartbeat one more time. Cried most of the way home.
We had one more visit after that. Joe came to Illinois this time. In April of 2000, he moved here to be with me. He still laughs if anyone asks what brought him to Illinois (his East Coast accent is strong and all assume he's moved here from NY). Then he just points to me. The rest is history, including that little guy playing in the other room!
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My first marriage...

My now ex proposed to me on my Birthday. We already had a son together who was a year old. I was still in high school. He woke me up...on a school day at 5:38am the exact minute I was born and gave me a cake with a ring in the rose on it. He woke my mom and twin sister up so they could watch. It was sweet, but I am not a morning person. LOL.

We stayed married for 8 years. Actually we are still technically married but have been separated for 5 years now. The divorce papers have now been filed. My son started high school today and our daughter started middle school.

I am waiting to see how my boyfriend proposes. If he does. I have made it very clear on occasion that I may not want to do that all again. We'll see. IF we get married it will be on a cruise ship. Not sure about how he will propose. Hopefullly he would go it on some island, or even Costa Maya, Mexico. Actually any cruise port would be awesome. Or even on the aship....it doesn't really matter. We have our next cruise coming up on October 30.

I love hearing all these stories too.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Bradley

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Originally Posted by ugaimes
I'm playing the waiting game these days.....yup....THAT waiting game....waiting for Bradley to propose already! (and I am getting QUITE impatient!!!)
So, indulge me and share with me the stories of how your significant other proposed to you (or how you proposed to your s/o).

I'm right there with ya sister!!! Oh when will our boys get it!?!

In fact, I have the Jeweler's Bridal catalog that we visited sitting out on our kitchen table!

Hee, hee...gotta inch 'im along somehow!!

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Originally Posted by pushylady
Mine's kinda y but romantic. We'd been together for a while and both knew we'd get married. It was his birthday, we were in Paris, and I was expecting something to happen. We went up the Eiffel Tower and he proposed on one knee ( ) then got out the plastic bottle of champagne that he'd managed to sneak past the guards! Very sweet man.
Are you sure your hubby isn't related to Tom Cruise? That story sounds familiar!
I love reading everyon'e engagement stories . Some funny, some romantic, some very very different (which is always cool).
Susan and Renee- don't worry ladies, our days will come (and SOON I hope!).
Anyone else have a good engagement story to tell?
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Oh I wish I were getting engaged! All these stories are so romantic!!
I have been with John now for 3 months-I had just broken up with my boyfriend Matt and I had known John thru work. Anyways, he was there to pick me up when I was down about the breakup, and after we had been hanging out for awhile, he went and got me a 1/2 carat princess cut diamond ring and asked me to go out with him and promise to be with him forever! Of course this is no engagement ring, but a promise ring is good enuf for me right now, and I will be letting u all know when I actually do get engaged!! You can all come to the party!
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Originally Posted by babyharley
1/2 carat princess cut diamond ring
That's a pretty impressive promise ring!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
That's a pretty impressive promise ring!
I thought so too--especially when he picked it out himself! I love a man who can pick out nice jewelry!
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It's nice reading this thread!!
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Actually, there never was a proposal. I was in grad school, and a friend from Philly was visiting, and I got a job offer, which meant returning to the U.S. for at least two years. Robert and I went to a restaurant located in a department store to discuss the offer (my friend was sleeping off her jet lag, and we didn't want to disturb her) and somehow or other ended up making wedding plans. That was in April, and we married in June. I started the job in August. That was 25 years ago. There was nothing the least bit romantic about it.
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We were moving into this house that we just bought. My family was helping us move. His family couldn't make it for various reasons. After everything was unloaded my sisters and I were going to make some sense of all the boxes when my husband said he had to go help his brother move a big cabinet. Now in my mind I was thinking they couldn't help us move our household and now you are going to help them move something! But not wanting to ruin the day I said okay. So he left. Two hours later he was back and I had done as much as I was going to so my sisters left and we went to get something to eat. As we prepared to go to bed in our new (to us ) house he got down on his knees and said he did not want to enter this new phase in our lives living together without declaring his love for me and put the ring on my finger. I said yes of course. And where did he go for that two hours he was gone not to his brothers but he raced up to my dad to ask his permission for my hand in marriage. Boy am I glad I kept my mouth shut about what I thought of his brother. We have now been married for two years.

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Ken and I had been dating/living together for 5 years. Now me I wasn't thinking marriage since we both agreed that the "M" word was a taboo subject(we both got burned in previous marriages) for us.

During an intimate moment he propose to me no details here I said yes! The next morning I was in shock and asked him if he really ment what he said. He did I walked around in shock for 2 days, before it really sank in that he proposed to me and that I had said yes
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