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Rescuing Katrina Pets?

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Anyone know of where I can go to see if there are any cats from Katrina that need rescuing? I could really only take in kittens, as my two are very young and I don't want to destroy the household dynamic/pecking order, and on top of that because of allergies I can't take in long haired cats....but I'd love to foster several short haired kittens for a while as long as I know their owners will eventually come back for them. There's so much hectic mess going on with it right now that I can't seem to find a solid site about it.
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Here is some info from an email I got:

If you can help, please e-mail hrf@bestfriends.org with specific information on how
you would like to help, what expertise you may be able to supply and how best way to
contact you. We are compiling a list and will be contacting people as the program
develops. Please see the list below:

Volunteer help:

- People with emergency/disaster experience to work at the disaster site.

- Long term foster homes (approximately 3 months)

- Carpenters and other construction trades people to work at the temporary and
permanent shelter sites.

- Veterinarians and veterinary technicians

- Truckers

- People with trucks and vans to do animal and supply transport.

- People to collect and hold supplies until they ship

- People to volunteer at the Sanctuary for at least one week to cover for deployed

Supplies needed:

People needs:

Toilet paper

Paper towels

Vegetarian People food that won't spoil or need refrigeration

Portable toilets and sanitizer

Insect repellent

Sun showers


First aid kits for relief workers

Hand sanitizer

Pet needs

Pet Food

Animal Bedding

Crates (all sizes)


Veterinary Supplies

Puppy and Kitten Formula

Canopy tents for the animals

Large cat tower/cage (for kittens)

Portable water bowls for animals

Microchip Scanners

General needs

RVs, SUV's & Trucks (4x4), ATV's (loaned or donated)


Two way radios



Duct tape

Cable ties

Fencing, both temporary and permanent

Heavy work gloves and welding gloves

Carpentry supplies

Gas cans

Gas for vehicles


Batteries (AA, AAA, C & D)


Water tanks

Clorox bleach

Warehouse facilities near Tylertown, MS

Garbage cans

Garbage bags


Camping Gear



Collapsible wire cages (extra large size)

Extension cords (heavy duty outdoor approved - 100 foot long)

Grooming clippers (electric)

Zip Lock bags (extra large size)

Important note: Please contact us at the number above before you buy large
quantities of any of these items.

This list is not exhaustive and if you think that you can offer goods or services
that can help, please contact hrf@bestfriends.org. We will contact you soon.

Other things you can do:

> Volunteers are needed on site at area emergency animal shelters, but you
must be fully self-sufficient. They need your help, but shelters cannot
supply any food, water, vehicles, lodging, or accommodations for volunteers
(at least for the time being). Supplies are critically scarce or
non-existent. Do not even consider volunteering unless you can fully provide
your own housing, transportation (including gas), food, and water.
> Gonzales, Louisiana: The Louisiana SPCA has established a shelter for
animals rescued animals from Hurricane Katrina at the Lamar Dixon Horse Expo
Center off Exit 177 on I-10 in Gonzales. To volunteer, contact director
Laura Maloney at 225-413-8813.
> Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Louisiana State University School of Veterinary
Medicine and Louisiana Animal Control Association are setting up an
emergency animal shelter at the LSU Ag Center. They already have some 500
animals there, with another 60-100 expected any time. The center is open 24
hours a day. To volunteer, contact Cathy at wellsc@legis.state.la.us or call
> Other emergency shelters that may need assistance or supplies: at the
Animal Services facility and at the Lake Charles Civic Center.
> LaFayette, Louisiana: The Cajundome is a shelter for humans only; pets are
being housed a block away at Blackham Coliseum. People are responsible for
caring for their own animals. To assist, contact Lafayette Parish Animal
Control at: 337-291-5644. The Cajundome is located at 444 Cajundome Blvd.,
Lafayette, LA 70506, phone: 337-265-2100.
> Donate needed supplies
> The emergency shelter at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge is
accepting donations of supplies. (They already have approximately 500
animals there, with another 60-100 expected to come in any time now.)
> Today they report needing the following:
> These items are always needed:
> Pet food* Wet / Dry (Dog, Cat, Puppy, Kitten)
> Cat litter*
> Litter Boxes
> Bowls
> Large/ Small Cages and carriers
> Litter scoopers
> Clean sheets and towels
> New items also needed:
> Amoxicillin / Clavamox
> Flea preventative (Frontline, Advantix, Capstar, etc.)
> Heartworm medication (Interceptor, Heartguard, etc.)
> Cameras (to take pictures of the displaced animals)
> Medicated shampoo
> Neosporin
> Bandages
> Fans and extension cords
> Large trash cans
> Can openers
> Cotton balls
> Waterless hand sanitizer
> Baby wipes
> Rubbing alcohol
> Empty spray bottles
> Trash bags
> Disposable paper bowls
> * Food and litter are needed immediately, but expect to get larger
shipments of food and litter donated within a week, so if you are sending
items from a distance, please select other items on the list.
> To check on current needs, call 225-578-9900 or e-mail Cathy at:
> Items can be sent or delivered to:
> Disaster Relief-Companion Animal
> Louisiana State University
> School of Veterinary Medicine
> Attn: Dr. Rebecca Adcock
> Skip Bertman Drive at River Road
> Baton Rouge, LA 70803
> Phone: 225-578-9900
> Click the below link and go to our secure on-line donation page on the
following page.
> Send Donation By Mail to:
> Pets & Animals in Distress
> C/O Hurricane Relief Fund
> 1511 East Commercial Blvd - PMB #129
> Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
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I forgot to mention that in my home town (Ft Wayne, Indiana) there is a rescue/fostering group that is taking in several hundred Katrina pets and they are looking for foster homes. About 80 have already arrived. You might want to check with local rescue groups in your area to see if they are doing the same.
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Thank you for this important information!
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Thank you so much for that info! I have been so worried about all the abandoned pets and wondering what I could do to help
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Does anyone know if the shelters in the affected areas allowed pets???
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I just heard about a website you can go to to help: http://katrina.petfinder.com
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...this is great! ..
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I would check with your local shelter. Here in Montgomery County Maryland our local humane society in Rockville is sending its Mobile Adoption unit as well as a box truck to the Louisiana State University. You can check it out at www.mchumane.org if you are in my area. I brought them kitty food, litter, treats, scoops and can openers. I talked to one of the volunteers and she said they were bring back animals that will need to be fostered. So now I go to work on my husband to clean out one of our basically unused room to foster. Cross my fingers he will let me.

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Crossing fingers and sending "foster" vibes to your hubby!
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