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Vibes for Cosette please

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I got home last night from my weekend vacation and Bradley showed me where Cosette had thrown up just a few minutes prior. What he had failed to mention is that she also had a runny BM with blood in it, also outside of the litterbox.
So I rushed her to the emergency vet and they did x-rays. Her x-rays revealed that her bowels were full and her stomach was full of food. Apparently she did not have many BMs while I was out of town. So the doc said to take her home and watch her closely.
Well, she did have a few small BMs last night and did not throw up again, so the vet said this morning that we do not have to bring her back in. She licked her anus all night b/c I think she's sore from where they had to do a little bit of probing last night.
If you can spare any, please send my little Cosy some vibes that she gets better and empties those bowels. I hate to see her in this discomfort .
Thanks guys!
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Oh Amy! Bless her little heart Have they said whats caused it?, or has she to take any laxative?

I'm sending Cosette some (((((healthy pooping vibes)))))) though
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Poor Cosette! Get better darling!
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Awww Poor little Cosette. I hope she'll feel better soon
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Thanks for the good pooping vibes . The doctor isn't sure what caused it, but she said it could POSSIBLY have been stress from me being gone for 2 and a half days
They said if she didn't have a BM on her own last night (which she did) that they'd give her an enema.
They did give her some hairball medicine as they said hairballs (I've never seen her cough one up) could contribute to this as well.
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Awwwwwww bless her little heart, she's missed her mummy

Oh but thats good that she's been given something! I give Rosie treats that are for hairballs because she sheds terrible even though i brush her and i know that i can see bits of fur in amongst her poop

You'll just have to give her extra attention more than normal Amy so she's reasurred her mums not going away
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Poor Cosette, sending lots of {{{ healing vibes }}}.

I hope she was just stressed because mommy was away. A similar thing used to happen to Phoebe when she was a kitten and I was away on business trips - except she would refuse to eat. Try not to feel guilty - at least you are home now and you can spoil cosette!
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Awww Cosette here are lots of healthy pooping vibes sweet pie. Go girl...go.
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Aww Cosette!!, Feel better soon sweetie
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Awwww poor Cosette! Lots of healthy vibes headed her way!
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Awwwwwww {{{{{{{{{{Healthy Vibes}}}}}}}}}}} On the way.
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Poor Cosette. Hope there are no more nasty incidents and all will be well.
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I'm sorry Cosette is feeling under the weather. Sending good tummy vibes her way!
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Poor Cosette! Oh I just feel so horrible for her. I'm sending mega vibes to her and her mama. Give her some kisses and encouragement from me. I hope everything "comes out" ok.
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Sending healthy vibes to Cosette Keep us posted on how she is doing.
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Poor little darling - Lots of good *bowel* vibrations coming her way! - my heart skipped a beat when I saw the heading, she is such a sweetie
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Awww, poor little Cosette. Lots of healing vibes coming her way from me and my clan.
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Cosette please poopette! Mega poop vibes from NYC, Amy!
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Well, I never thought I would be writing this, but:
Cmon Cosette! Squeeze one out for mommy!

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Poor Cosette! Mommy's home now, so just "let it all out" now, honey.

Sending lots of healthy vibes your way!!!!
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Poor baby! I hope she's felling much better now!
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Who would've thunkint, but this has turned into just about the funniest thread I have ever read! The jokes always abound when it involves poope, hehe
Cosette (haha Barbara, your poopette line slays me! ) has pooped a bit more today and no blood in it at all! She didn't leave my side all morning and we have been playing all day. She's napping now and hopefully dreaming about her next big poop .
I'll keep y'all updated, but all looks great now! Thanks for the vibes everyone Looks like they've done the trick! (like virtual Metamucil)
Oh Kelly, Cosy sends a kiss back her Auntie Kelly's way .
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Way to "go" Cosette!!!!
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Originally Posted by sunnicat
Way to "go" Cosette!!!!
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oh and I was trying sooo hard not to laugh or make any jokes myself!
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Sorry I didn't catch this sooner. Glad to hear little Cosette's feeling better!
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Awww Cosette...I am so glad that you are better.
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Cosette you clever girl for mummy!! Now leave mummy another little package in your tray tomorrow
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Woo! WTG Cosette!

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OMG this is sad but funny
I know when we would go away for say 3 days I'd leave out lots of food and water and not much would be eaten.
I hope she is feeling better ( and you too!!)
She is sure earnin her title as drama queen.
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