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Planning a trip

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Hey there My wife and I are planning a trip to Calgary, Alberta this spring and I was curious if there are any members out there from the area who may be able to give us some tips on what to see while we're there? Thanks.
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Hey, some people just like to see new places! Calgary is a good sized city after all.

Hmm . . . Probably too late for skiing and I don't know the season for the Calgary Stampede. My mom and stepdad went one time and took a gorgeous scenic train ride. The photos were unbelievable! And isn't that huge mall near Calgary? Or am I thinking of Edmonton?

Try this site aboutCalgary tourism .
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Sorry can't help - I've never been. I would like to go, but definately not in winter!
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Well, Jimmy I hope you and your wife find some really neat places to see while you're there.
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Thanks for the link I think the huge mall you're referring to is the West Edmonton Mall..they even have a roller coaster in that mall!!! Trying to stay away from malls, my wife likes to shop too much I'm not sure what time of year they hold the Calgary Stampede...I'd love to see that.
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JimmyJ....here's a site about the Stampede.http://www.stampede.coolattractions.com/

You might also want to visit the nearby Badlands,where all the dinosaur fossils are.

If you go in winter,pack lots of woolies cause it can get bitch cold;unless you hit a Chinook wind. 3 ft of snow can completely disappear in a couple of hours. Have fun.
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Dinosaur fossils? Cool I'll definitely add that to the list Yeah I hear the weather can be a bit unpredictable out that way. In the East its a lot different. You're from New Brunswick, I see. Have you been to Calgary?
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Dinasour fossils are sooo cool...totally! I've been to Calgary, the weather is unpredictable!!

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Hey, Ken, what's *bmb* mean?
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Tell ya later.... Shhhhhhhhhh

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