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What a little charmer!!!!! Very beautiful kitty!!
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Stephanie, Pat, DazeeMazeeGraze, Mom2SalemIsis - thank you so much for your lovely comments.

Originally Posted by Mom2SalemIsis
he reminds me of a cougar lol.
It's funny you should say that - he is known as our "big brave lion" at home.

Susan and Karen - thank you. This throw is his favourite place (well apart from sleeping on top of the fire that is )

Originally Posted by Hadley's Mom
he looks like hes having fun my cat hadley isnt affected by catnip wonder why
Tolly loves catnip. Although not all cats do. It may be that Hadley would enjoy something else, there are alternatives around that you could try. But some cats just don't enjoy these plant scents.

Originally Posted by ugaimes
Happy (late) birthday Tolly! You get more and more handsome every day!
Thank you Amy. After a difficult little spell in his life he has settled in beautifully with us and is such a loveable little boy now.

Pushylady, Abbycats and Hope - thank you so much. The throw is a recent addition and is beautifully warm and cosy on the chilly nights we've been having here. You're right hope - it is velour on one side and satin on the other. Tolly thinks it's a perfect place to curl up for an afternoon nap.

You are all so lovely - thank you . Tolly feels quite a superstar right now
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I spent some time taking piccies of Tolstoy today. He was sitting so nicely behind me on the back of my chair - it had something to do with getting a good view of the birdies out of the window from that spot I'm sure

He has a lovely habit of curling his tail around his side when he sits - I think it's so cute

He always looks at people and his kitty friends with so much love

My gentle boy

Profile shot Mum

This one turned out kind of freaky! He decided to lunge forward and sniff the camera

Hope you enjoyed them - thank you for looking
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What a ham! I love the one where he's really close up !
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Beth he's as handsome as ever That last one really shows off his gorgeous big eyes
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Precious Tolly, you're such a gorgeous little boy! His little habit of wrapping his tail around really is so cute, Beth, especially his little curl on the end! He's so loving, and it really shows in his gentle demeanor. The last one made me laugh, talk about a close up!
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What a handsome boy. He has such expressive eyes.
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How did I miss this thread?!!

I love all the photos, Beth! Tolstoy is a beautiful boy!

The close up picture is so funny! Such a sweet face though!
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He is such a handsome boy!
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I love the Agouti fur-that's what its called, right? I had 2 Aby mixed boys, or they could've been purebred, not sure, that had agouti fur and I just loved it! Very handsome little man Tolstoy is
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Awwww guys thank you so much. Tolstoy is such a lovely, gentle boy. His eyes show his true character.

You're all so sweet - you were even nice about his freaky expression

Katiemae - yes that's right, their fur is agouti. It's officially called sepia ticked agouti. Each of the ticked strands has three colour band in it. It's quite amazing to look at them actually. You Aby boys must have been so handsome
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Some photos of my boy as it's been a while . He was enjoying a trip out to the garden with his big skin-sister on Friday. The evening sun brought out the lovely apricot tones in his fur.

He's so sweet and has been with us for almost a year now.
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Thanks for sharing these beautiful new pictures of Tolstoy.
He is such an elegant boy.
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Tolstoy sends purrs and headbutts - his Meowmy thinks he's a handsome lad too
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Oh he's such a handsome boy. He and Lovely Lily make such a beautiful pair. Your photo's are so nice as well. I love how clear they are. Beautiful.
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Thank you Hope. I was chasing around the garden playing with the camera and photographing butterflies when Tolstoy came out for a walk. He became my next subject!

I was amazed that in the full sized version of the bottom photo, I could see the reflection of everything in his eyes, it was like looking through Tolstoy's eyes to see what he was looking at.
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Beautiful pictures of your beautiful boy! I bet he had a wonderful evening in the garden and posing for you!
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Oh, he just makes me melt! I want to kiss that little coppery nose!
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Awww Sarah - yes he loves a walk in the fresh air. Can't you tell he enjoys posing for his Meowmy too

His gorgeous nose is so kissable isn't it Kelly!
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Well, it's been a while since I added to Tolstoy's thread. Here is a photo of our gorgeous boy celebrating his 5th birthday earlier this week. It was just about impossible to get a decent photo of him - he was in party mood and didn't want to sit still

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I can see the mischief just waiting to happen in Tolstoy's eyes.
Is your tree still standing?

What a beautiful Christmas picture of Tolly.
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The tree is still standing for now Lei - although considering what it took to get the picture, I'm not sure it will be standing for long.

It took Daddy to put a kitty treat on the tree to get him to sit nicely - was this such a good idea daddy???

Here are a couple of shots from along the way

Tolly says I'm sure there's a treat there somewhere

If only I could find it

Tolly - it's up there. "Where?" says Tolly

Ah - found it

All this to try and get that one good photo Although, now that he thinks the tree dispenses treats we might be in for a trying time
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea View Post
All this to try and get that one good photo Although, now that he thinks the tree dispenses treats we might be in for a trying time
The things we do for our cats.

It was worth the effort though..
that is a lovely picture of Tolley.
You will treasure it the rest of your life.

Now Mr. Tree...give Tolly some more treats.
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