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Do your cats watch TV??

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This evening my kitty sat for at least 45 minutes in front of the TV. She watched it closely & kept pawing at the moving images. She is 15 months old and has never before paid any attention to the TV screen. Do your cats pay attention to the TV too? It was funny to watch her do this.

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Yes, My 3 youngest do. They are Vader, Mimi and Pepper. They do exactly what you said your cat does! It's quite funny, but it can be annoying too, especially if your in the middle of a movie or something! But I can never get mad at them cause they are soooo cute!
If you don't want kitty at the TV, then you could try and spray some citrus scent around it, because the kitties hate the smell of it! :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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You know, they actually sell videos for cats!!

My older kitty couldn't care less, but my younger one watches at times. He especially likes video games, like Nintendo.
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Jake watches the news in the morning - I think he likes to keep up with current events. Last Nite we watched the Great Lakes Wilderness or something like that on Discovery - He watched very intently - wanted to eat the snake....:tounge2:
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Fitz will watch occasionally but he'll sit on the coffee table right smack in the middle of the screen so I can't see anything--what a cutie!
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One of my cats does, Lewie. The other could care less, she's to much of a priss, she'd rather stare at herself in the mirror. But Lewie is funny, he lays on the end of my bed staring at the T.V. It's hysterical.

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Use to when they played Lassie reruns (black and white versions) my cat Soltie would sit and watch so intensly. This was the only program she would pay any attention to. If the TV is on the Discovery or Animal Planet channel and both my cats would hear animal sounds and they will look behind the TV on top of the TV all around the TV trying to find that critter. Although, sometimes the animal sounds scare them and it's under the bed they go, for you know if your under the bed nothing can find you, at least that's what dust bunnies told them.
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no, she prefers to read or go to the theatre....
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Tifa also likes to watch TV. She especially enjoys animal documentaries with lots of sounds!
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My cat Shasha likes to watch the animal documentaries. She'd even try to figure out how to get into the TV by going around it and finding a way in. So cute.
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Well, when Simon was with us, he would sit and try to watch and paw at the images. I miss him.

But neither Sunshine or Cymone do now.
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All of my babies enjoy TV, but Excalibur is a TV addict. He likes anything with animals on it, especially horse jumping & dog agility trials. We did buy a video available in Canada called "Feathers for Felines". All of them love it. A guy set up his video camera to tape his different types of bird feeders. Birds swoop in and eat & make noise & my cats try to figure out how the get in the TV (LOL)! :tounge2: They start chittering at the screen thinking it is like a window. They swat the screen (& occaisionally hit the off button). It is hilarious!
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Yah, Miko stares intently right infront of it and paws at the TV, it is really cute...Sammy could care less as long as he has his box to lay in!

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My cat doesn't watch TV that much, but when she does its usually the Animal Planet on The Discovery Channel. I also have expiermented with a National Geographic video on the history of Cats(CATS:Caressing the Tiger-great video!!!). she seems to be responsive towards animals more than people or other moving objects.
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She loves Animal Planet especially. It cracks us up to watch her just sitting there watching the screen, that is when we realize- HEY we do the exact same thing!
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My kitty loves NASCAR. She follows the cars around the track and her little head is jerking left and right following the cars. Sometimes she swats, but usually is content just to watch. She could be sound asleep somewhere else in the house, but when she hears those engines rev up then it's not too long before she's in front of the tv watching.
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One of ours tries to catch the video game "men", and once they all got excited about some birds singing on TV. I have the Felix organizer on my desktop, and when I move the mouse over the cat food bowl it meows, and they all come running to find out where in the world the cat is!
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One of my cats Kiri loves to watch TV. She'll sit an watch the news for the longest time :LOL: I've even seen her sitting in front of the TV when its off,staring at the screen . I've got a virtual kitty on my desktop that occasionally meows, you should see the cats heads whipping around looking for the intruder!! :laughing2
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All three of my cats like to watch tv. They prefer animal shows but their most favorite is watching themselves in home movies. It's really funny.They also like the computer sceen, watching the arrow move around.Cats are so cute!
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I thought it was only me with the strange kitties. :P When I had my cat, Ralph, he'd lay on top of the computer screen and watch me type. Eventually, he figured out if he laid on the keyboard, he could type too! As for television, his favorite show was the Dukes of Hazard!

The Butterfly Maiden
With Lucky, Morgana, Luke, and Leia
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My cat doesn't watch TV but he does watch my tropical fish tank and try and paw at the fish.
to much hard work for him to keep up with TV.:tounge2:
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Can't wait for Daytona 500! Can't wait to see the memorial for Dale Sr. - THE BEST RACE CAR DRIVER EVER - NEVER FORGET #3!

BTW Dale Jr's got a cat named (oh, what a suprize) BUD. He's a GIANT orange male that he picked up at one of the tracks - brings him on his bus to the races - I knew I loved that guy for a reason....

Originally posted by avshockey
My kitty loves NASCAR. She follows the cars around the track and her little head is jerking left and right following the cars. Sometimes she swats, but usually is content just to watch. She could be sound asleep somewhere else in the house, but when she hears those engines rev up then it's not too long before she's in front of the tv watching.
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My Seminole is into hockey. He is definately a Red Wings fan!!! He'll watch just about anything, but he really enjoys when a hockey game is on!!! My other kitties dont watch tv.
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My cat Missy's favorite things to watch are the animated movie "Ice Age" especially the animated menu screen (she tries to catch Scrat and the baby sliding across the screen!) and "Finding Nemo"! She's sooo cute!
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Normally my cats don't watch TV -- however -- last night, Snickers was totally GLUED to the tv as my daughter and I watched "Homeward Bound" while it played on the Disney Channel.

Snickers was following every move the cat (Sassy) and the dogs made; you could see his head turning and the intense focus of his eyes on the screen, on the animals themselves!

And the funny part... after Sassy fell down the waterfall and "drowned", Snickers promptly got up and walked very quickly from the room. I guess that scene was too much for him.

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Eponine isn't nearly as into TV as her person is But she absolutely loves that Cat Sitter video. As soon as she hears those birds chirping, she jumps up onto "her" blanket because it's the best seat in the house I didn't think that video would work on her (she's such an oddball!) but, like the voiceover at the beginning says, she was an "instant couch potato", but only with Cat Sitter. She doesn't even watch Animal Planet with me!
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i haven't seen any of my current kitties watching TV! *sigh*
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