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Tribute to Misty

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My mother just lost her beloved cat of only 3 years this past Tuesday. Misty was a beautiful grey and peach colored cat whom my mother had rescued approximately 2 years ago. She was a stray that hung around the property of my mother's hairdresser. My mother had her examined, and much to her dismay, she tested postive for feline leukemia. She looked healthy, so my mom decided to keep her and give her the life that she deserved. Misty looked wonderful - she fattened up, her fur became thick and soft and she was the most lovable cat anyone could ask for.

Up until a few weeks ago, she was absolutely fine.
My mom noticed a decrease in her appetite, and figured that it was either her leukemia rearing its ugly head or a blockage from excess fur balls (she had thick fur and groomed herself a lot).

Unfortunately, the vet that my mom uses is not one that I would recommend to my worst enemy. My mom is set in her ways, and for reasons that I cannot fathom, has (or did have) great faith in this man.

He kept Misty for a few days, gave her an enema and sent her home.

My mom noticed that she still was not eating, was weak, and had diarrhea, so she brought her back. This time she had a 103 fever. The vet said she had some type of infectin and that he would give her some fluids and antibiotics and keep her over the weekend, .

My mother went to pick Misty up (they said she was ready to go) on Monday. When she got her home, the poor cat could not even stand up.

My mom called the vet, and they told her to bring her right back (for more treatment). She was there another day or two when she got the call that Misty died sometime during the night.

My mom is terribly upset; moreso because the vet let her cat suffer and did not do any tests to figure out what was wrong (if it was indeed the leukemia, he should have let my mother make the decision to have her put down instead of giving her false hope). Now my mother is beating herself up for letting her poor cat die all alone in a cage.

To add insult to injury, when my mom went to pick Misty up (she wanted to bury her on her property), the vet's staff callously handed the cat to her in a white plastic garbage back with a twist tie - no condolences, no kind words.

I'm so angry right now that I could scream
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oh good grief, how I weep for your mother at this time. Please please tell her not to second guess anything. Sweet darling Misty knew of her love even at the end

I am so sorry, but I am lost for words right now, I just want to send you lots of love from across the ocean. Misty is happy now, she is safe, she is playing happily at the bridge, and she watches over your Mom... when they meet again they will cross the bridge together

RIP angel Misty - you will be forever loved and never ever forgotton by those hearts whom you touched
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Oh Laurie i can understand how angry you must feel!

Please tell your mum not to blame herself for whats happend!, Misty will have known your mum showed her love and affection and knew also that your mum wouldn't have let it happen the way it did if she could.

She's across the bridge now with no suffering, but at the same time looking down at your mum, so tell her that Mistys ok now

RIP Misty until you see your mum again
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It's terrible how the vet handled Misty's passing (it's terrible the lack of care given as well) I can understand why you would be so angry...I would as well. Misty is now is a good place at RB...and your mother was so very good to care for her... My sincere sympathy's to you and your mother.

RIP Misty
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Oh please show your mother these posts if you are able. She cannot blame herself for what has happened. She put her trust in someone that she thought could help her baby. Misty knows that your mother loved her very much
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I'm so sorry about Misty's loss and that your mother is going through such a hard time right now. She and Misty are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Thank you everyone. I'm sitting here wiping away my tears as I read your replies. I appreciate your kind words. I really do.
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That is terrible behaviour! I am so sorry for your mother, but she gave Misty a wonderful life that she would not have had otherwise.
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Your poor Mother.
That vet needs to be called on carpet,for his actions.
I will be praying for your Mother & her beloved kitty, sweet Misty.
RIP little one.
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I´m so sorry to heard that......Poor Misty...

My condolences to you........RIP sweet Misty..
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Awww RIP Misty
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I am so very sorry. How heartless of the clinic to treat beloved Misty like this during a time of such sorrow. RIP Misty, I know you felt loved by the person who rescued and cared for you.
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Oh, that is incredibly sad. Let your Mom know that it is very easy to put your trust in the wrong medical person at times. Especially if in the past this vet has done well for a pet.

Your Mom made many choices for Misty, and the fact that she had two healthy years shows the love and care your Mom provided. She has learned more about this vet now, the hard way. But Misty is now at peace, and rather than being over the bridge as an unloved stray, she is someone's special companion, happy and free, awaiting a reunion someday.

I wish there was one person at that vets office who could have given your Mom just a moment of human compassion. After I had my dog Logan PTS, the vet tech let me know that her dog was almost at the same point, and they were considering euthanasia. It was a comfort to know she really understood my feelings. Then, about a week after Logan passed, the vet's office mailed us a condolence card. Of course it made me cry again, but it also comforted me.

I am sorry your Mom lost sweet Misty, but also sorry that the manner of her passing made the loss even worse. Remind her that cats are wiser than us humans, and Misty knew the end was near, and that she remained and will remain forever in your Mom's heart. Rest in peace, sweet Misty!
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