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$2.99 to $3.05 here in South Jersey...more over in Delaware and Pennsylvania.
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Originally Posted by fwan
oh my god, it was just on the news about petrol we are paying 1.56 euro per litre today. They are saying that its time to start making less consuming cars
It's been time to make fuel efficient cars since the 1970s!!!
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$3.19 is am but some stations are limiting how much you can buy. We should be good for another week as I'm just driving to work and back no extra driving that is out of my way. Might need some gas for the lawn mower though.
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in and around the Oklahoma City area it is anywhere from $2.99-$3.18!
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last night it was 3.19 a gallon. this is going to effect those of us who make min wadge (5.15) or a little more. if it gets to 3.25 thats half my hourly rate........ i litteraly won't beable to afford to go to work if these prices keep at it. and winter is fast approaching. you can't really ride a bike in 5 inches of snow. (believe me i have tried) and walking in sub zero temps is not recomended though i guess i could walk now, its only 8 miles on roads with no side walks to speak of. and little to no street lights.
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Gas prices here have been slowly going down, thank goodness...we peaked at $3.49 a gallon! Today it was $3.19 a gallon. But of course if you goto Sam's Club gas station you save .03 a gallon, which we did.
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3.14 by my house....more in other parts of the city.
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its 94p a litre here,well over £1-00 a litre,
so expensive,a short trip we used to get away with £10-00 now its over £15-00 and having to go and visit my MIL in hosp is costing us a bundle
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$3.29 here in Milwaukee!!
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Originally Posted by VanessaB25
In SA, it's R 5,50 (Rands) at the moment, which is very steep. They say that by the end of the year it could be R 7,50. YIKES!!

Hi Vanessa!
I wanted to welcome you to the Boards, I just saw you are from SA. We had a house guest the past 6 weeks from Kloof, SA. She was a lovely person!
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$3.19 here so far in Medina, OH! A customer today said that she won a gas card for $20 last week and she put $20 in her tank and it only gave her 4 GALLONS! HOW RIDICULOUS!
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Well, assuming hers is a 33 mile a gallon car, it would be good for well over a hundred miles, which in my country is not that bad.... but still, ITS EXPENSIVE!!!!

I feel pity for all those driving trucks right now.
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ours is about $1.09 per litre here so it sucks.. gas is becoming so high! its sad...
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We are now up to $3.19 a gallon here.
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Up to $3.19 also. It's insane!
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Hey luvmysphynx I am in GR, MI too! Wow, small world! Jenison, specifically.

Anyway...I think it was $3.50-something today.

It's insane.
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
2.63-3.34 varying in the state. gas station up the road was 2.99 last time i looked
2.99 here in the north end of the twin cities, MN
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Well meishiecatcat I am in Muskegon!

Monday it was $2.59
Tuesday it was $2.99
Wednesay it was $3.48
Then today it dropped to $3.19 and Now it's back to $2.99... Crazy!!!!!
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Yeah, I think I had that wrong. I do think it was something like $3.20...I don't know, I filled up yesterday.
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varies I have seen 2.70-3.50
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$3.59 here today! That was a couple of hours ago, of course, it may be higher now...
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holy crap its 3.19 here and im afraid what it will be tomorrow! im driving to state college which is about an hours drive to see some friends.. i think im going to just stay teh night to make it worth it!
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I've seen between $2.80 and $3.40 - I'm sure it will go up again tomorrow.
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So has it gone up or down for anyone yet again? Mom and dad are trying to figure out how much we are going to be paying for our trip to Florida(next week we leave monday or tuesday) and right now with low(like around 3.19 average) prices its going to be $1,200! Now i know its higher in some southern states so Ive been trying to find out just what they are. Mom said maybe we could even check the AAA website and see if they have prices on there?
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Try www.gasbuddy.com (i think thats the site) to find the lowest prices in the area. Good luck!
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$3.39 and the only grade available seems to be premium.
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Originally Posted by STLGRL5
What are gas prices where you are?

Here in St. Louis, MO it is $2.99 for regular but by tomorrow I hear it could reach $3.19 and then by weekend's end up to $4.00
2 days ago I spent $31.00 for 3/4s of a tank of gas! I dont even want to know what it is now!
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YAY gas prices are finally going down!!! It's 2.99 here now.
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$2.98-$3.02 and a bit more depending on where you go, but $3.02 seems like the price I see most places here in southern, Ca in Oceandise. I am so lucky work is 1.7 miles away, my husband drives a good distance everyday.
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