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Gee Golly Wow!!!!

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hehe, i am so excited. Tonight started off pretty typical and boring, but then my sister called saying she needed towels. She just moved out today, and they are getting set up at their new appartment. So i went with my mom to bring them over and to have a look around. It's huge! more storage space then we have!!!

So anyways, on the way home my mom tells me her plans of what to do with the space. And it goes...

Lauras old room- will now be my closit, an area for the cat pan, and a general storage room for vaccumes, laudry baskets...ect.

The basement- which is attached to lauras room, which was only used by her and for my dads computer will now be my "suite". My bed will go one one side, and the couch will be turned so it can face the tv, so my friends and i can chill down there. THen i will get my own bathroom thats also attached.

The room upstairs- (my room at the moment) will be where my dads computer goes and where my desk will be for scrapbooking.

So what im thinking for my "suite" is for it to be a reddish color. Kind of a darker classy red. I want it too have a "romantic" feel to it, but nothing too "mulon rouge" Nothing i can do can be permanet besides the wall color, because ill be moving and i dont want to leave my parents with something they will hate.

I'm thinking either a red and purple scheem or a red black and silver one. Any ideas on how to dress it up without permanentaly hurting it?

i know im not sposed to put pictures, but im going to throw in a small one to show the basic basement as it is now.
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The colour sounds lovely!!, my friend wanted to same kind of effect you are talking about so she painted her room "raspberry" it looked really nice.
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A very popular and very elegant and romantic colour combination right now is a deep red, not a purple or raspberry shade, but a true warm red, matched with gold or peach. I am going to do my bedroom on those shades, and have found tons and tons of decorating accessories in those colours. I think that warm colours, rather than the purple, black, or silver, will make a basement suite look very warm and cosy and romantic. And if you pick a combination that is popular with the decorators, you can find great bargains. I found some lovely valances at Walmart for just 6 bucks.

Something like this
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Congratulations! There are a lot of color combinations here: http://www.colourlovers.com/index.cfm You can find the red you love and look at combos including it if there are any.

As for what could do that's not permanent--you could drape fabric over the ceiling with something that can be pulled out later (e.g. staples, tacks). It would make it romantic, hide the ceiling, and be pretty!
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Lot of work Isn´t Megan?.......
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you'll want to prime the walls before painting it- as that the primer be tinted with the same specs as the wall paint. it will look pepto bismol pink.then after the primer is even and dry, go ahead and paint the red. If you skip the primer the walls won't paint evenly, and it will look bad
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