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I donated $25 to Noah's Wish. I might have to eat ramen noodles for a week but it is well worth it. Like Mary Anne said, any amount we can donate will help even if it is only $5.
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That is awesome of your friend & his brother. If we all do what we can, it will make a difference.
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Originally Posted by hissy
Please do not feel that just because you can only donate say $5.00 you shouldn't bother. It doesn't matter the amount because everyone that is donating is donating what they can. Mike and I just made a donation and it was not large by any means, but it was made with prayers that it goes to the victims and does not get hung up in red tape.

I just saw on the news a woman who had passed away in a wheelchair. She was pushed next to a wall and draped with an america flag- it broke my heart. It is the animals I feel the sad for, the ones left behind are likely dead and had terrifying moments prior to their death. I can imagine the procession on the bridge weighs heavy right now.
$5 will buy
-dog or cat food
-fuel (for moving supplies)
-baby formula
-food for a rescuer for a day (who may save dozens of animals or people)
-or many other things.

1000 people donating "only" $5 becomes $5,000! Every single dollar makes a difference. The organizations that are providing relief know how to stretch every single penny.
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I got this in my email from dailycandy.

Imagine: You lose everything. Toothbrush, bed, underwear. Favorite teddy bear, graduation photos, Grandma’s wedding dress. Maybe even your entire home.

The devastation wrought by Katrina is almost incomprehensible. Billions of dollars in damage. Hundreds of thousands stranded. Thousands now homeless.

We all feel helpless, and we all want to help. The most critical need? Money. Here are a few places to start:

The Red Cross
What they provide: shelter, food, and counseling.

What they provide: relief shipments of cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, and other basics.

America’s Second Harvest
What they provide: hunger relief.
They also need: donations of food, transportation, and products (bottled water, utensils, bleach, disinfecting household cleaning items, and diapers).

Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
What they provide: food and shelter for pets that have been separated from their owners.

Remember that even the smallest donation is a step toward rebuilding.
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I will certainly be donating! It doesn't matter how big or small an amount you can afford, any amount will be helpful to these poor animals.
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Our company is donating $10,000 and matching employee contributions up to $10,000.

I just saw on the news also tonight that some folks in Vancouver, BC, Canada are taking in rescued animals and they have people in Texas that are helping to bring the animals to Canada. I'm impressed and very relieved that the animals are being thought about as well as all those dear people.

I also would reiterate that we should be careful who we give our donations to since there are so many scam artists out there. Well established and reputable agencies only would be my recommendation as well.
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I would like to add, that there are many small, *reputable*, caring businesses that are doing what they can to raise funds to then send on to known rescue groups.
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I saw Noah's Wish on the news yesterday and just contributed to them. I was in tears watching the stranded animals. It's just so sad that they had to be left behind. Every little bit will help.
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