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racial cat

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I have a spayed female cat, who, in a cat household of six, only dislikes my two black cats, both fixed. Can anyone tell me why and how to fix this? They've all lived in the same household for a year. Not quite blissfully, I might add.
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Cats are like people in the respect that they don't always get along with certain people. It really can depend on the personality type. If the one kitty feels some sort of threat with the 2 black ones she will tend to be cranky with them. I am not sure on their reasoning, but for some reason, they seem to pick up on something that we don't. I have the same problem with a few. I have tried EVERY trick in the book. No luck, but they don't tear each other up, so we live with it. I would rather see them in my loving home than somewhere not so pleasant.
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well....they were when I first got Jasper.

they have however mellowed and i reckon they actually quite like each other on the quiet...when you're out or not looking they kiss and play and then when you have visitors they fight like mad!

do you react to this behaviour? that may be why they're doing it

i found my two would fight - usually one picking on another and i would give treats to the one who was being bullied - they aren't as stupid as you might think!:tounge2:
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Noodles is the bully in my house........she picks at poor old Bootsie all the time and sltaks her to the point that Boots lives under a chair about 5 hours a day....ahhhh the bliss of having 7 cats in the house
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I have one cockatiel and three budgies and my cockatiel reacts the same way as your cat does. My cockatiel dislikes blue budgies. But in her case one of my blue budgies bit her toe once, now she doesn't like both blue budgies but is far more relaxed with the white one.

Perhaps it is a similar thing with your cats. Maybe one cat does something she doesn't like and she has associated that with their color.
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