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Bombing in Jerusalem

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There was another bombing in Jerusalem today I just heard on the news.

This time the bomber/terrorist was a woman!!

There were many people killed, and many people injured in the blast.
One of the people who was injured was a man who had also been evacuated from the World Trade center on Sept. 11th.

I just feel so bad for all of these people and their families, and I think we should say an extra prayer tonight for all of Isreal, and that peace will come there soon.

Every time I hear of something like this, it makes me think of Anne, and a couple others that I have made friends with and feel a special bond with from Isreal.
It really brings it all home for us, when we personally know and love someone who is living there.
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It really is a terrible thing Deb....extra prayers tonight!
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I also think of Anne everytime I read or hear about something bad happening in isreal
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Yeah, Deb, I saw it on the news...it was really horrible...I think of Anne and Catherine alot when I hear of this too....I also have a good friend from NY that travels there quite a bit...he's really cool and I have no idea where in Isreal his family is in...


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Yes, Catherine was one of the other friends besides Anne that I mentioned that lived there. I think of her and Anne alot during these hard times over there. I wish it would stop, and they would have peace there.
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