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Originally Posted by carolcat
Yes, yes, I know that feeling as well, ugh! They certainly like to clobber you with it! I also wanted to tell you that your new siggy is lovely and so are Smudges eyes, he is just beautiful .
Thanks so much! I was very excited to get my computer back so I could download those photos. I knew I had a couple good ones. I was waiting for people to come back online to see my new siggy. Impatiently!
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You must certainly use some waterproof material - that is why I put down marine quality plywood. But I didn't have to worry about inspectors and code, etc!
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Dear God Carol, Dont get the Code peeps involved if there is anyway atall you can avoid it. You wanna talk about a bunch of Knee Jerk anal retentive a$$hole$ they are the ones. Oh by the way Luky is alive and well and didnt really have to learn to fly and didnt go to Abu Dhabi.Lol
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I don't have anything to contribute b/c I don't know much about home improvement, but how about I throw in a good CHEESY joke to throw in with your whine?

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say banana!
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Aw, c'mon Howard, don't be SHY, tell us how you REALLY feel!
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Be Careful what you wish for... Be verry, vewrry Careful,,,,,lol
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We took the measurements and they figured it up but at almost $80 a sq ft witch included,putting it in, the drop, back splash, sealing, and tax I almost s**t, and my husband was still trying to justify it by saying well if you figure up everything seperate and the fact that you won't be cleaning it like you have to that white tile, I just LQQED at him and I just told him I LOVE THAT WHITE TILE, can't wait to go home and clean it There is no way I am spending over $5,000 for counters unless I hit the lotto
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