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water breaking???need help

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Ok I have been posting about my cat Dora. Well about an hour ago now I noticed her backside was all wet. I wiped it and it was a watery brown fluid. I am guessing her water broke. Since then she cleaned herself for a while the just layed down and went to sleep. Shouldn't she be doing something if her water broke? It looks like the same colored fluid that I noticed on Thursday night although then it was just a drop now it is a lot. This also started after she layed in her little box for like 20 minutes. I talked to the vet about the little drops I was seeing but they said not to worry since it was such a small amount. I don't know what to think now.

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Well it has been 3 and a half hours since Dora's discharge started. She is still having some but not as much as when it first started. Just 5 minutes ago though she threw up. She has also been laying in her litter again. I figure if she doesn't go into hard labor in a little while longer I will call the vet again. I am sure they will just tell me to wait and see if she has them but better to be safe than sorry. I will keep everyone posted.
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I can't offer any advice - but keep us posted!
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Sorry can't help very much I didn't experience that with my momma cat, she had very little discharge.

As for laying in the litter, I've heard that sometimes momma confuses babies coming with needing to use the litter so I'd guess that you're really close.
Good Luck
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Has she been pushing at all? If she has, you need to get her to the vet. Saffy did the same thing and had to have an emergency c-sec. There was a kitten stuck in her birth canal that died. I don't want to scare you, but a trip to the vet is always a wise choice when in doubt.
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is she lethargic? That dosent sound right. With my girl once her water breaks she starts pushing and she is very alert. She will sleep alot before then in between contractions though.
If she is lethargic and not trying to push i'd definately take her to the vet.
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Well an update all. Nothing at all has happened. She is acting normal. I just don't understand it.

What else could all the fluid have been? Her whole backside was wet. It wasn't on the floor that i could see but I am not sure if it happened in her litter box. I guess I will call the vet.
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Is she having contractiuons? Put yout hand on her belly. You should be able to feel a hard ball like lump rise up and stay for about 30-60 seconds and then it will go back down. During the time of the contractions she should be uncomfortable. If she's sleeping she will wake up and usually change positions or get up and walk, meow, pace or something to show she's uncomfortable.
Just a thought-are you forcing her to stay in a room/place where she might not want to have the kittens? My queen just had her kittens on Sunday and she refused to start pushing untill I let her out of her birthing cage. I finally gave in and let her out and she immediately jumped into my son's toy box and started pushing!
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No I am not making her stay anywhere. She has been wandering from place to place like she can't make up her mind where she wants to be. I haven't sen or felt any contractions but she really doesn't want me touching her.

I called the vet and they said to call back at 5:00 and then we will decide what to do. She said that normally after fluid like that she would go quickly which she hasn't. I feel like I am losing my mind. If my husband hadn't seen the fluid on her I would wonder if it wasn't as much as I thought it was. He said though that I am right it was a lot.

The vet suggested I lock her in a room with her bed and littler and everything because maybe she just can't settle down anywhere. I am trying that now so I guess we will see how it goes

I will let you all know
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I know how you feel. I get in panic mode when I think something is wrong too. It is extreamly stressful especially when you don't know what to do. Let us know if anything happens! Hang in there!!
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BTW-Just a thought. cats lick themselves A LOT down there when they are getting ready. My cat was wet from just licking herself. Are you sure she wasn't wet because of that?
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No it wasn't that because it was a red brown color and if it was just her licking herself it wouldn't have been that color. Also she can't reach to lick herself there anymore.

I called the vet at 5 and they said that if her water broke it would be green and that this is probably just diarreha. I know it is not that. They just said if I wanted to I could bring her in tomorrow. They acted like I was being overly paranoined or something. It was to watery to be dirrahea. Plus she had some and it was more brown and yellow colored. This is like a brown maroon color. She has stoped leaking it though.

I just wish I knew what was going on. This has me so worried. All she has done is sleep. The kittens are still moving though so that is good. They are moving a lot today. When she is laying her whole body is moving when the kittens move. I will let you all know.
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My cats water was always greenish too but I could have swore that other people on this board describe it as brownish also. If they are moving thast much I bet she'll go into labor very soon. The kittens get very active when they are dropping into the birth canal and during early labor.
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I really hope so. I am getting very worried about her. I talked to my Aunt who is a vet tech and she said if she hasn't had them by tomorrow to demand some answers. That she should have had them within 24 hours. Dora is just laying around now but she really hasn't eaten today so maybe that is a good sign. Maybe she is resting because she knows she has a lot of work ahead of her.

Also when I just had my hand on her stomach I thought it felt hard but I am not 100% sure it was a contraction. I can only hope!!!
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Just sit quietly by her for about an hour or two with your hand on the side of her belly. If she's having the contractions you'll feel the lump rise up and stay for a bit and then go back down. Look for signs of discomfort during the contractions. Notice how long it is between the beginning of one to the beginning of the next. Her contractions should get longer in duration and closer together. That's how I can tell when she will be ready to push. When the contractions are long, really strong and close together.
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BTW... she should be resting in between contractions. Watch her face and notice when she opens her eyes wide and if you have your hand on her belly you will probably feel the contraction at that time. After it's over she'll close her eyes and rest again.
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I will have to do that. That is if she lets me keep my hand on her belly.

She came downstairs just a minute ago and jumped into my bed with me. I rubed her belly for a bit then she went and ate a tiny bit. Now she is back under my daughters bed resting.

I hope something starts happening so I know she is going to go. I really don't want to stay up all night again. My son starts kindergarten tomorrow so I would really like to get some sleep if I can.
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Well an update. Dora is once again leaking the red brown colored fluid but no contractions as far as I can tell. She is still eating and drinking like normal. The only abnormal thing she did tonight was go under the couch which she has never done before. I thought maybe she would have them but now she is back under the bed sleeping. She has been looking around more like she is trying to find a good spot or something so maybe not to much longer.
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I have been watching this thread hoping that you would have news of Dora's new kittens....sounds like she is definitely going to have them soon.

If she doesn't start by morning, I would definitely take her in to be seen. Better safe than sorry.

I hope your next post will be some good delivery news!!!
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I am really hoping she has them tonight but I doubt it. She is showing very few sings that she will. I have an apt. tomorrow at 10:00 to have her looked at. I am hoping though that we won't have to go

I guess we will just have to wait and see. I will keep everyone posted.
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definately take her in if she dosen't have them by moring. i don't want to scare you but a stray cat at my mom's house was leaking fluid with blood in it for two days but never did have the kittens and she died.
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I read your post on that. It was very sad. I have been worried about her that is why I figured I would make the apt. so that way if I needed to go I already had an apt. She is getting moodier tonight. I just had my hand on her belly and she was fine then all the sudden she turned around and tried to bite me. Then as I was pulling my hand back she got me with her claws. She has been like that off and on for the last few days. I am wondering if it is because she is having a contraction or something and since she is hurting she doesn't want me touching her.
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oh it dosent sound good...gosh I hate to worry you I know your stressed enough right now but that's what that cat at my moms house did. One minute she was fine the next she was biting. It was almost like she was saying "do something for me please I can't do this on my own" I was scared to try and pick her up, then she dissapeared and then mom found her passed away.
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Well everything is good this morning. She is back to her old self. She has no discharge, is active, and loving again. I think last night was just she was tired. She is a snappy cat anyways. Before she was pregnant she would only let me touch her when she wanted me to so I am not suprised to get scratched. I will let you all know.
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I've read all your posts. I do hope you will keep her indoors until she is spayed. I had a friend whose cat kept getting out and she ended up having 5 litters of kittens. Although the experience can be wonderful, trying to place all those kittens puts a serious burden on the owner and a toll on the mom cat. I would highly recommend that you keep her in a room where she doesn't have access outdoors (even accidentally) to avoid her going back into heat and trying to get out again...and I would schedule her spay for when the kittens are between 6 to 8 weeks of age.

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Oh she will not be getting pregnant again. I am getting her spayed 6 weeks after these kittens are born. There will be no more baby kittens. Thanks for the advice though.
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Originally Posted by pregogirl
Oh she will not be getting pregnant again. I am getting her spayed 6 weeks after these kittens are born. There will be no more baby kittens. Thanks for the advice though.
You are welcome...believe me, I understand the drive cats can have to get outdoors...and I only mention this because my friend went through it. If you need a list of low cost clinics in your state....just let me know.

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Just wondering how the appt went this morning? What did the vet say?
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Oh sorry I thought I had posted it. They said it could be any day now but that everything seems fine. He said that he is not sure what the discharge is since she wasn't having any at the time. He really didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I will keep you all posted on what happens.
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Well an update. Dora is acting strange this morning. When I got up I waited a while before checking on her. As soon as she saw me she crawled up on my lap which is something she never does. Then she went in the box, which is the one is my room that she never uses. She was digging around in her box and crying or whining. I think maybe it will be soon but I am not getting my hopes up. She is now resting in her box so we'll see.
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