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Got Accepted to Grad School

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Well, I got my official acceptance letter from Troy University yesterday. I will be starting grad school (online) in October!
I'm getting my Master's in Public Administration so that I can have a nice, cushy boss job one day . Gonna spend this next month soaking up as much time doing NOTHING as possible because, once grad school starts, free time will be a thing of the past!
Anyone else here taken online classes while working full-time? Any advice?
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Congratulations and well done you for deciding to do this AND work at the same time! I really admire you, good luck!

It's not something that I have done before, but I would like to do some kind of further education in the near future Plus, it keeps your brain ticking over I think.
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That's great Amy! Congrats, I know you'll do awesome!

As for working full-time and being an online student full-time as well, my mom did that a few years ago. She was the media specialist in an elementary school (that was 45 min away from the house) and working on her master's from UCF online. From what I saw with my mom, my advice to you would simply be to keep up! In a situation like that, if you fall behind, you're going to have one hell of a time catching back up again! It's very difficult to juggle both, but it can be done! My mom graduated with all A's from her program, regardless of being in such a tough situation! It takes a lot of discipline and a lot of studying and homework on the weekends, but I know you'll be able to handle it. Congrats again!
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Thanks Gilly and Katherine
Katherine, thanks for the advice My mom got her media specialist degree while working full-time, too (which is why she won't allow me to whine about this, lol). I don't know how she did it because she took her classes at GA Southern- a full 45 minutes away! She drive out there 4 days a week after working full-time teaching. THAT would be so rough!
I guess if our moms can do it, we can do it while we're still young, right?
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Congrats on getting accepted!
I work full time and go to school half time. Last semester I tried 2 online classes instead of actually going to campus. I was unsucessful. I ended up getting mono, getting engaged, buying our first house... needless to say I ran out of time If those things wouldn't have happened I would have been just fine. It is doable with work, it just takes a lot of effort and commitment.

You need to make a schedule and stick to it. Do not have the mindset "I can skip today and work on it tomorrow because I don't have to go to class". You need to set deadlines. It is extremely hard to catch up once you get behind. It depends on the teacher and how much effort they put into teaching the class, but in my experience online classes were much harder then on campus classes. In person classes teachers can point out key areas of the text that you need to know, online that doesn't really happen. You end up trying to read and understand everything. The online classes ended up taking me alot more time!
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Ha LOL! Amy - cushy job! an MPA I hear is one of the hottest grad degrees you can get! it's HARD! One of my best friends has one and she is now the Dir of Public Communication at MCI for the West. GO AMY!
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Explain to others you are WORKING/STUDYING and are not just at home... I have this problem whether it would be classes or work... IT can easily be done I work full time and went to school full time just as others said dont get behind

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Good work Amy!!!
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Congratulations Amy. You'll do fine.

I'm studying online too whilst working - I think the only tip I could give is to manage your time well. Of course I'm great at that and don't do things like spend loads of time on TCS
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Thank you so much for all of the wonderful encouragement y'all; that means so much to me!
I'm good at getting things done ahead of time, so I'm not too to worried about getting behind (except in the coming years I'll have several weddings to be part of-including my own hopefully!). I already wish I knew what my first assignmet was so I could get started .
Looks like there are quite a few of us doing the work/school route. Maybe we should start a TCS study group?
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My classes start tomorrow actually. I have a 6:30 am- 9:00 am class, then off to work until 5
I actually found that they posted the syllabus online for my statistic class and I have all ready begun looking at Assignment 1. I have also been studying the 1st chapter of my Anatomy book for the last week or so.
You sound a lot like me as far as assignments go Amy. I know you are going to do just fine.
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You go girl! You will be great at this!
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That's great news, Amy! Yes, I'm sure you'll be super busy when you begin, so enjoy your free time while you still have it!
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Congratulations Amy! I got my MA in Public Communication studying part- time while working, and it is hard, but really worth it. I wouldn't have the job I have now without it. But there are no cushy jobs out there, believe me, I keep hoping htat one day I will be the one who doesn't have to do all the work but it never happens. Public servants and admin people these days work as hard as anyone! Good luck with it.
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Thank you everyone for all of the kind words and well-wishes . I'm impressed to see so many women working and furthering their education at the same time. Sisters are doing it for themselves!!!
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Yay! Congratulations, Amy!!

I don't have advice on exactly what you're asking for, but I have a job, school, and I freelance/practice/etc. Just make sure you schedule your days as much as possible. Walk away from tasks when your time is up. It makes you highly productive and efficient!
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Amy, that is fabulous! Along with the advice to work A LOT!...I would add to be sure to still take time for yourself and relaxation. If you can't take an hour long bubble bath, at least take a 10 minute bubble bath.

And try to minimize some "chores". Like maybe have take-out more often, recruit your boyfriend to help with laundry, etc. Whatever you are doing now to cope, just increase it! LOL!

You are going to do just great. I know we won't see you as much, but let us know how you and the girls are doing, ok?
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Yay Amy! You'll be awesome!

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I've never taken any courses online...but I wanted to wish you the best of luck!
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Way to go Amy!! Congratulations!! You deserve to end up with a cushy boss job!!
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Yay! I'm soo happy for you Amy! I'm really glad you have the opportunity to go to Grad school! Hey, we can be "freshmen" together!! Good luck with those classes. How many are you taking??
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Way to Go, Amy! Congratulations!
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Yay Amy! That is so awesome! I'll come to you for advice on 'how to do it' when I get to go back to school. (I have to wait till I've been with the company long enough to help me pay my tuition.)
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Wow, thank you SO MUCH everyone for all of the wonderfully nice words! I really appreciate it
OK, I officially become a freshman again (haha Kelly, you have a little bit of seniority over me ) on Oct. 10th. I'm starting out with only one class, but I may increase to 2 classes/term- we'll see. These are accelerated (2 month) terms, so my advisor recommended starting out with only 1 at a time.

Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
(I have to wait till I've been with the company long enough to help me pay my tuition.)
That's the only way I'm able to afford grad school, too It's nice that we have that available, huh?
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Just saw this. Congratulations, Amy!
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Just saw this too...How exciting for you!! What course will you be taking first?

I have to wait another year on the list to go back to school..*pout*
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Thanks y'all My first class is probably going to be Foundations of Public Adminstration (AKA The History of Bosses, ). Can you say snoozefest???
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....about the snoozefest!!!

congratulations Amy!!!! ..
you´re a great student! ..........
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