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Is this labor

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Ok well I guess here is the story. I got a cat from the humane society and I scheduled to get her spayed. They told me I had to wait until 30 days after I got her to ensure that she was not sick from being at the pound. In that 30 days she went into heat so I called the vet again. They said that she couldn't get spayed when she was in heat because of the risk of bleeding. Well she ran out the door and got pregnant. This was anound the beginning of july before the 4th. Well last night she started having like a light red/brown kind of discharge. She has been laying around all day not doing much and every time I look at her she cries. She was in her box I set up for her for about 3 hours this moring but nothing happened she just slept in there. I called the vet and they said it would be to early for her to go into labor. They said though that maybe my dates were wrong and the the discharge could be normal. They said though that she should start labor by tomorrow morning and if not to call them. I am just so worried about her. I love her so much and I am afraid that something may be wrong because nothing is happening. Oh her name is Dora. Any advice would be greatly helpful. If you need anymore info feel free to ask. I am sure I forgot to mention some things.

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every vet ive talked to sais give it 30 hours after this "show" and if there are no kittens by then then have her come in to be seen. my cat took 26 hours before she had her 5 beautiful kittens days ago. your cat's relaxing for the big event, so should you.
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The only reason I am so worried is because she would only be like 54-57 days pregnant and I am pretty sure about that so I don't know if having the kittens now would cause problems. Also since she is early I am worried it might not be labor.
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just like with humans, the gestation time in cat varies from cat to cat. after 30 hours the vet will probably do an exam to make sure they're alive and see if they need to be delivered by c-section
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Can you still see and feel the babies moving?
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Yes I feel little movements but I can't see them like I did last night. Although I know everyone says you should be able to see them moving across a room but I really don't think the movements are that strong. Maybe they are but I am expecting more I don't know. I just checked on her again and I was sitting there with my hand on her stomach and she was purring. Then all of the sudden she started acting mad like she doesn't want me touching her. Her stomach seemed to get hard but it was hard to tell because she was moving. Also there was a little gold colored toy, one of my kid's, and she like hit it all of the sudden. It like flew across the room. I don't understand why she is acting like this. I really don't think anything is going to happen as far as labor is concerned but I am worried something else might be wrong.

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If you felt her belly get hard, then my guess is what you felt was a contraction. And since you have had at least one child, you know they are uncomfortable. Perhaps Momma Kitty just wanted to slap someone during her contraction *grin*

My guess is that your girl is very close to having her kittens. Make some coffee, get comfortable and just wait it out - if she hasn't presented her babies by tomorrow morning, call the vet as directed and allow them to assess her.

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I brought in a pregnant stray and she was sooo loving... untill she went into labor. Then she got hissy and snarlish at me. She calmed down once she saw I wasn't a danger to her and I spoke soft words of encouragement. She's back to being my little love bucket now
Good luck with your delivery!
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