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Help! My cat is sick, does anyone know what it could be?

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Hi, my cat started not feeling well a few days ago. At first, we didn't realize she wasn't feeling good, we just thought she was being her usual talkative self. But then her cries got more plaintive... and then we would no longer see her for hours. She usually comes out when we meow at her or call her name, but now she doesn't.

She sleeps in the same spot for hours and hours - doesn't move all day. She's not eating and she's already lost 2 lbs. She walks funny too... like something is wrong with her hips or something (I checked and couldn't find anything wrong and she didn't seem to mind me touching her legs at all).

She won't go down stairs and will not walk hardly at all... and today she peed in my office instead of going downstairs to go to the kitty litter box (now we have her on the same floor as the box to make it easier).

Does anyone know what this could be? I stopped and talked to the vet and they didn't seem to know, said to bring her in... which we probably will. We were hoping it would get better... but after her peeing upstairs today, I'm really worried - she's never done that before. I'll probably bring her to the vet but it's going to be so expensive and we just got all our pets shots updated about a week or so ago, so we're kinda broke.

I'll give the vet a call now but I was hoping maybe someone had an idea of what it might be?

*EDIT*: I will be bringing her to the vet either way, I just want to know if maybe somebody had a similar problem with their cat and can tell me what it might be. I probably won't be able to get in until tomorrow, and I would like some peace of mind knowing WHAT I am dealing with. Thank you in advance for your help!
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I do not know what it is. It could be a number of things. you really do need to have this little dear seen by a vet. it sounds serious.
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I know, it breaks my heart to see her suffer. I made an appointment with my vet for tomorrow but I'm going to cancel it and bring it to the other vet in town... they seem more knowledgeable and they're check her out tonight. I used to like my vet but they have changed people and they have all these young people who really do not seem to know what they're doing! (I don't mind young people, I'm only 24 myself... but when they're all confused all the time it makes me nervous!). These people seem to know what they're talking about... so I will give them a try. Wish us luck!
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Please get this kitty to a vet as soon as you can.
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The only thing you can do is to take her to the vets - it may be something that can be sorted quite easily and without too much cost, but the longer you leave it, the worse it will be.
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Well I was on my way out to bring her to the vet.... but I can't find her. And she's not answering my calls (her and I usually meow at each other). So now I'm really worried... I've looked everywhere I know to look... (she's an indoor kitty). I'm going to relax and calm down for a few minutes, then I'll look harder.

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Please take your kitty to the vet. If it is a money issue, sometimes the vet will allow you to make arrangements for payment, just talk to your vet and explain the situation. But priority is the health of that kitty. And the last thing you want is for things to get worse and more expensive as time goes on. Please Go ASAP.
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I WILL bring her to the vet as soon as I find her. Yes money is an issue but we're worried about her and so we WILL bring her. I don't know where she is, I've looked in every nook and cranny. There's one place I haven't checked but I can't get to it, it's a hole in the wall in the basement behind a shelving unit... it's out of reach and I can't see her climbing into it today cuz she was in too much pain she couldn't even walk. I will see if I can find a way to look in it though I might have to wait for my hubby to get home (in about 45 minutes).

This wasn't a question of whether or not I should bring her to the vet... It was a question of whether anyone knew what it might be while waiting for my vet appointment.
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Originally Posted by nikithetiger
Well I was on my way out to bring her to the vet.... but I can't find her. And she's not answering my calls (her and I usually meow at each other). So now I'm really worried... I've looked everywhere I know to look... (she's an indoor kitty). I'm going to relax and calm down for a few minutes, then I'll look harder.

Awww, I hope you find her! Check everywhere, even if you think there's no way she'd be there. Under things, in back of closets...ect. Because she's probably found herself a nice secluded place to lay in cause she's not feeling well

Edited: one time I couldn't find Winnie and she was under the freezer!
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Ok well I found her, she's in that hard to reach hole in the basement. There's no way I can reach in there and get her (the shelving unit is attached to the wall and in the way, but not sturdy enough to climb over). I will keep trying to coax her out.
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Keeping my fingers crossed that she'll come out for you.
I know you know this but try using food, cat nip and her favorite toys.
Chuckie will always come out from where's he's hiding if I use a flashlight or laser light..he likes playing with those.
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She won't even look at me. She just keeps staring straight ahead. At one point she cleaned her paw, and another time she curled up further back in the hole, but she won't look at me or acknowledge I'm there.
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Hmmmm, that has got to be so frustrating and nerve racking for you!
Is there an animal control or something similar in your area you can call to see if they can help you get your kitty out of the wall?
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I'm sending vibes and saying prayers for her to come out of the hole so she can get medical care. Vibes are headed your way too. I can only imagine how much you are worried. Hang in there and try to stay calm. I'm sorry I can't give an idea of what could be wrong. It sounds like she will need to have some tests done to find out.
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Thanks for the support.
My hubby got her out of the wall and we brought her to the vet. Because it was so late in the day, they have to keep her overnight, but they will call us and let us know what's up as soon as they find out. I hope it's just a bladder infection or something.
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You may already be at the vet's by the time I post this. However, hopefully your vet has checked for a bowel or intestinal impaction,a pinched nerve in the spine, or a spinal misalignment. All are painful and can affect a pet's mobility. If it is one of the latter two, a chiropractic adjustment(www.avcadoctors.com) or acupuncture( www.ivas.org) can help.
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The vet called and said that Shadow has a fever of 104 point something F. So not a bad fever, but a little bit of a fever (I guess cats normally have 103 F temp?). She also said that Shadow is dehydrated so they're giving her fluids. They will check her out for more stuff in the morning. My poor kitty!
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Just get her in now, please. So far the signs are exactly what my cat went through. You can't wait. Keep us updated on anything.

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Hi nik-

I am glad your husband got the cat out of the wall and you took her to the vet. When cats don't feel well, they try and hide. They search out the darkest, quietest spot possible and just try to sleep. Sounds like she found just the spot.

I hope they find out what is wrong with her. To encourage her to drink more, you might consider purchasing a pet fountain. The running water is always a motivator for cats to drink when drinking from still water is a problem.

Good luck with your kitty

Also, some of the replies to your thread about getting her to the vet was probably being done as you typed more information. The threads just crossed in cyberspace-
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How nerve-wracking! Your poor kitty and you! I hope that it is nothing serious. Keep us posted!
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I will keep you all posted. Is it tomorrow yet??? I hope they call me early in the morning with news!
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Hi , I just sent you a PM , please read it .

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i hope its not to bad and tomorow comes soon!
get wel soon vibes to your kitty
wats her name anyway (might have missed it) unless you dont want to reveal her name .
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i sure do hope everything goes well!!! how old is your cat? i dont recall seeing an age i was just wondering if she was older, young, or just in the middle age area. hmm..i got a cat the exact day princess diana died in the cat accident (96? i forget the year) and my cat died in like 2003 or 2004, which to me she didnt seem old at all. and her illness was horrible, she was growing stiff, barely moving and under the bed, she ended up dying the same day (it all happened so fast) i didnt even notice her being so sick until it was later in the day, all the vets were closed and my mom told me when i got home that TJ had passed. im glad you were able to get your cat to a vet on time! hopefully they figure out what the heck is going on! if only animals could talk...man o man..(at least in english i mean, haha) good luck!!! mine and River's prayers are with you!
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Her name is Shadow. She is barely two and a half years old. I got her as a kitten, she was my first real pet (before that, my sister and parents had pets, but they were not mine). I have other pets as well, another cat (Jasper, 1 year old) and two dogs (whom Shadow has just finally learned to love!). But Shadow is still my favorite little sweetie! I wish I had a picture to show you but two weeks ago my computer crashed.

She's a beautiful calico cat. Her face is half darker, half lighter (half looks like it's in the shadows...). She's very talkative - we meow at each other all the time. She loves to sit in the sink and play with water. As soon as we're done in the shower, she always jumps right in to watch the water drain out. She's just an awesome cat, full of personality! All my friends love her.

We don't have kids - my pets are my kids.

I'm so sad every time I think of her all alone at the vets. She usually sleeps in my bed. I hope she can come home tomorrow!
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Ok, I found one pic of her on my old website, I'll try to insert it here.

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Wow, unless I am mistaken she is a Mackeral Calico- very pretty. I hope she will be okay, please let us know when you know something. If you find she has to stay over long at the vets, take an old tee shirt you don't care about and put it on and exercise exercise, exercise. Get that shirt wet with your smell then pop it in a ziploc bag then run it to the vet. Tell them you don't care if you ever see the shirt again but you want it in her cage while she is there- Your smell will calm her down and help her with recovery
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she's verry pretty!
i love her markings she sounds like an awesome cat !
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Shadow is gorgeous!! I hope the vet can figure out what is wrong and she's back to her old self in no time!

Sending lots of get well vibes to Shadow!
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Wow, I love the line down her nose where she changes colours!

Keep us updated on Shadow, sending lots of {{{get well soon}}} vibes her way
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