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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Yes.... ..... .....there are so many thunders around here.............

WE prayin for you rite now Rigel, that you and yours be safe. We sending hugs and purrs too, yur friends jasper, tia and meomwy Carol
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Hey Roofie, we take some o that orange ducky, yum yum ! How you boys today, did you trash yur purpaws new bookcase yet?
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Purrpaw didnt bild it in our howse he builded it in Jo Ann Smith's howse. She livvs 1 floor down. She buyed alla da wood an stuff and paied purrpaw to bild and drill and cut and stayne it.
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Howz efurrybody today? I'll have sum Duck. Hope Meowmy Bobbie feelz better, dontcha haf sum days off skool this week? Purrpaw Howard, that wuz nise buildin somethin for your neighbor. My Meowmy lazee. Watchin football in her jammies!
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I could use a Long Island Iced Tea reel strong Rufus. Purrpaw just finished with Mikey's bathroom shelves at about 1130 today
They wuz easy rtho just a couple of slotted uprights anchored into the drywall then slot in the shelf brackets and lay the shelfs on them onlee took an hour or so... Orion... The tea iz fur purrpaw2 Howard I'll have a catnip kooler thabnks and Mr. Whiskey will have a whiskey catnip sour too.
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That duck sounds good. Take some myself. An iced catnip tea sounds good, too. It's a little warmer today.
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Hmm, this napkin has a drawing on it. There's a cannon, and the birdies and - - it's all aimed at Purrpaw Howard's butt? Looks like Lukey has been doodling.
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Lukey, you are so busted...lol
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Hi -

My name is Abby. This is my first time here. I am very shy. I would like to try the Pollo Loco please.
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Hi abby I'm Kiters you can sit with me if you'd like. Lukey can I get som of the duck? and how about a big glass of tuna juice to drink!
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Hi Abby I'm Roofie and my Brother Lukey and we run da bar and we are so glad you are here. You will make a lot of friends if you want or you will be left alone if that is what you want. Our purrpaw Howard iz a Frend of ur Meowmy Karen so we will watch owt speshul for you.
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Hi Abby - glad you could make it. We one big happy family here!
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I'm not broken, but my Meowmy sayz I get fixed on Wednesday. Annyone know if I shud be worreed?
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oh no smudgie, i getting spayed tomorrow an i reel skared! jasper sez i gotta stay at the badanarian all day and nite too! meomwy cant get me till the next day...i will be thinkin of you too since you gotta go too.....boo hoo!
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Don worry Tia, I'll be thinkin of you. But they will LOVE you at the badernarian place, you see. They'll treet you like a princess! An we can compare war storees at Roofies! (My kitty mommy Elsa just got spayed on August 26 an she felt ever so much better afterwards.) She thanked my Meowmy even for takin her!
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Abby here again -

I've had that done! My Mom took me to be fixed a few days after she picked me out at the shelter. I didn't know I was broken either. I had to ride in the car. I like doing that, but Mom put me in the carrier. That's no fun. I saw these strange people. I don't like strangers. It did hurt a little, and they SHAVED off some of my fur! It didn't hurt for too long though and Mommy said I was a real good little girl. All of my fur has grown back now.

Good Luck to both of you. It will be OK!
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elas an abby, we tink you pretty.
we tink guyz feels better, too, after they get fixted.
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Meowmy say she worreed about "someone" going on the side of the cat box, that I mite be "expressing" myself. An I think she hopes I will be a little sweeter to peeples when I'z fixed. Rite now I only cares about my Elsa mommy an wanta be wif her alla time.
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No speshuld today sept for whutevvr u guyz cook up. We iz takin a lazy day an jus sleepyn all day an purrpaw runnded hiz errends diz mowrnin an now he wanz a nappy diz afternoon so uz cats just make ur selfs at home........Wayte a minnit u bedder be better dan dat an act like u iz good. I dont want no big messes unless Ari iz gonna blink hiz magik eye and kleen it up...lol zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzssnnnnrrrkkkkkkkkzzzzzzzz
Dere iz all kinds of leftovvrs in da koolers so u guyz try to uze dem up pleeze., Tanks Roofuz

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[quote=batgirl2good]elas an abby, we tink you pretty.

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Yes, we know why your Meowmy picked YOU!!!
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I wasn't as pretty when my Mommy and Daddy picked me out. I was skinny and real hungry and someone had shaved off some of my fur on my back. My eyes were leaky and I was real sick too. My Mommy and Daddy still picked me out over all the other kitties that were in the room.

So I am hungry. What are we going to eat? My Mom won't let me near the stove, but I have watched her lots of times. I bet I could make something!
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We could eat fish! or !
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OHHH I bet that there are some leftovers of gravy in there smudgie!!!!! I think I'll look for some Salmon lef-overs and also get out some broccoli.. I like that!!! I'll make us all some drinks too.
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You know, my Meowmy will hafta see if I likes broccoli. Kitters, you are un-yousual kitty!
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How comes you thinks that? I'm a veggertator my momma says... I loves loves loves broccoli (specially the little leafs on the side of it) I likes lettuce, and would kill for rose petals!!! they are all yum yum yum!
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Ok we iz all wakded up frum r napz and iz reddy to go to wurk.
Letz see whut is left ovvr

Purrpaw's Leftovvr speshulls
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Oooh! SALMON PATTIES! Even leftover, they're yumm! Two pleeze!

~Poodle & Flibbo
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Salmon patties for me, too, and a chocolate milkshake. Only one straw as my Tia can't have anything to eat before she has her surgery. Not sure if I will be here tomorrow as I might go and hold her paw afterwards.

Hi Poodle and Flibbo! roofie always has good eats.
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