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New Adopted Female cat with a problem

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I am new here, and I have a question....

My partner Petra and I adopted a cat from a shelter (We have one from there before) and she is having a peeing problem...

No, its not that its outside the litter box, or even all over.... Its that she "leaks" when she sleeps.... like a little kid wetting the bed....

She uses the litter box religiously when awake, but asleep, she seems to just not have total control....

We have looked at alot of websites, including here, and are going to take her to the vet to rule out UTI.... Does anyone have any ideas?

We are trying to get ahold of nok-out, which may be hard since we are in Germany, and using a citrus based spray on the areas we have found, but this worries us.....

Help and advice would be appreciated.... greatly appreciated

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Hello Kelly!
Well, I've never had a domestic cat peeing when asleep but I've seen lionesses in the wild doing that after a rigorous, successful hunt and a very satisfying meal. Perhaps your cat is a deep sleeper like the lions.
Other members here may have better ideas. But I hope the visit to the vet solves the mystery.
BTW, how old is your cat?
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It would be hard to tell you what is wrong, because there are many things that would cause this, and most would alarm you. So the very best thing to do is have a vet look at her and run some tests-
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I agree fully with Hissy
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Hi everyone,

Fae is 5 years old. We are scared silly by what this COULD be because we have done enough looking around on the web....

June, if you are still here My pop-up blocker was turned on.,... And I would like to hear from you (Sorry everyone this is the only way I could tell them to try again...)

We are going to try everything and the Vet is the first stop...

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Kelly, now I'm getting scared. Please keep us updated.
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Hi everyone:

The vets are sure its nerve damage from an accident that took her tail and that can not be fixed. And it means the peeing is a permanent condition.... and there is alot of things to consider right now because of that.... Especially since we don't own our apartment and she pees every where she falls asleep......

It is just not a good situation right now for us... And we are very unhappy... And now our other cat has taken to hunting her around the apartement.... Hes gotten very aggressive and its just really hard....

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oh Kelly what an awful situation you & your kitty seems to be in. I am so sorry to hear this news.

I am sending lots of love, hope and prayers to you from across the ocean in the hope that this can be sorted out.
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Originally Posted by kaazebrabeads
Hi everyone:

And now our other cat has taken to hunting her around the apartement.... Hes gotten very aggressive and its just really hard....

They do that when they sense a "sickness" in another cat. Must be the smell or something they don't like.
I am so sorry to hear about your cat. Hope there's a way to solve this situation.
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THanks everyone for the replies...

We have found, atleast for now it seems, a livable option for the peeing problem that Fay has...

We purchased a 102 cm rabbit crate, which holds her, a litter box and a food and water dish.... We lined the bottom with a bath type mat and the bottom is plastic so it can be easily washed....

For the spots she likes to lay down on, we have puppy housebreaking pads (or we will purchase "Depends" bed liners used for bed ridden people) to protect the bookshelves, and under the bed spots that are hers..

We use the crate for her when we have to leave the house, and at night when we are sleeping so she can not wander around the apartment and lay down and pee anywhere she falls asleep.....

So, as of this moment, the situation is on hold.... seeing if this helps settle things down and helps her and us live together....

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Wow, that is great problem solving!
Sorry to hear about Fay's issue. I am glad you are working on a solution to make all of your lives better.

I hope it works out!
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I am sorry to hear of your problem but happy to hear how creatively you have managed to address it and keep your kitty. Bravo!! It is not unusual, as your vet may have told you, for cats with tail injuries, to have inappropriate urination probs. Are there products over there like a kitty diaper? Here is an example of how one cat's problem was solved:


Keep up the great work and give your kitties some scritches for me!
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At least you have a reason for her doing it, and you can do somethign about it. I am so pleased you are finding ways to live with it rather than give up the cat. Good on you.
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