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Lets see your kitties with their toys!!

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Probably been done many times over but I want to see your kitties with their fav toy!!

Reilly has a toy that he's had since he was 6 weeks old. It's supposed to be a hippo but it's in such bad shape only we can tell

All I have to do is say "where is your hippo!!" and he'll go and get it.

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His favorite toy...........sadly..

with his bell...


Sadly..a cd

don't ask..cuz even I don't know..

and the infamous cat tree

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Mr. Hippo has definitely seen better days! Reilly looks very sweet.
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These aren't actually their favorite toys (those would have to be the sparkly fish that fly across the floor with one swat, and the feather on a string) but I think the pics are cute so I'll post them anyway.

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Feathers on a string from WalMart, always a big hit.

Alex looooves his jingly balls (also from WalMart). He carries them around and won't let anyone else (even the humans) play with them.

Alex takes a rest after a good long play session.

And of course there's the laser pointer, but I don't have any pics of that.
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Here is Kitter's new toy that she loves

Her pink mouse on a string:

her old standby toy that she loves is her purple hippo!

She carries him all over the house all the time!!!!

I lve how Jack Daniels fave toy is chewing on mommy!!

Relly is just so cute! I love his face.

Alex is cute carring around his ball!

ScamperFarms is that a pnk mouse your kitty has? Cute look on it's face!

Waddle I love your kitty pics... they are very cute!!!
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tehehehe no ares mouse is orange.....we do have a pink oen here..somewhere lol
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Colors in photos are a little hard to tell sometimes!!! Cute though very much!!
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hehe yes..and thats HIS TOY no one else dare touch that mouse or suffer
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I love all these pictures of cats with their favorite toys.

None of mine have a favorite except for the occasional six or eight legged small visitors.
They don't hang around for long.
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Just take the pic of Jack Daniels, bleach him white and you have Ari and his fav toy - me! No matter how many times I give him another thing to play with, within moments he is back to chewing on me.
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Y'all are probably so tired of these pictures, but I'll post them anyway!
The girls fighting over their favorite feather on a stick.

Cosy loved this little crinkly box with the dangly ball from day one.

Paper bags are always winners!

Ah yes, VS's finest also makes a great toy

Cosy loves imitating King Kong
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awesome pics

I think B's favorite toy is either the feathers on a stick:

or his little sister :

Kismet's favorite toy is also probably feathers..

And of course her big brother.
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Paper bags are one of kitters fav's too also boxes... she loves boxes. Bowser and Kismet's photos are always so cute... I love them!!!
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Ok, so I have realized today what my kitties' favorite toy really is...my clothes. I have a pair of pants with some ties on them and they are all over me whenever I am wearing them. And as noted above, bras are big favorites too, LOL. And socks.

Cosette's so cute. :-)
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Cosy is a cute little monkey! The pic where she's standing up with her paw in the air is awesome..
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Here is a picture of Buffy with her mouse on a string from Petsmart!
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Sophie with her frog

And the lobstrosity, her current favorite

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Here are some pictures of Simba with his toys. As you can see, he gets very expressive.

Here are a couple of his crazy eyed pictures

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Hi Buffy... you sure are cute.. Sophie is such a little uzzy baby. And I love Simba's pics as always! A little Pycho in some but still beautiful!
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Sash zonked out after playing with Cat Charmer

On my favorite brown baggie surrounded by my fat cat toy and my sockie

Enjoying my Boogie Mat

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Sash looks so dramatic!!! I love it!
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Their favorite toy changes every week...just depends on when they get bored with their current favorite. Here's a few pics from a couple of play sessions though...

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Sherm's hard to catch in action. Can you believe that out of my, oh say, 5 MILLION pictures of them I only have one of him playing with a toy?!?!

This shouldn't count, but as I was trying to take a picture of him he started playing with the string hanging off of the camera.

This is an adorable thread!! I love it when they carry their toys in their mouths!
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Here is Trout with her bear:
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My guys love the little jingle balls from WalMart and the little catnip mice. Baby treats them just like she does real mice when she catches them. I have moved furniture and searched I got 2 bags of jax, 1 bag of jingle balls 4 bags of mice and 2 of the bigger mice. In less than a month all we can find are 2 of the little catnip mice. I cannot imagine where these cat toys have gone, but they do love their toys. All of the kittys are beautiful, maybe I will get a digital camera for mothers day so I can put my pictures on line too. I hope so.
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Here are some of Abby

This one of her with the catnip always makes me laugh:

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