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Flatulent when happy?

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Another question about my silly girl Cosette....
I've noticed that she tends to, um, pass gas whenever she is really happy.
For example, when we're playing with her favorite toy or I'm petting her while she eats (yes, she pretty much only eats if I'm there watching her ), she lets one rip.
Do any of your cats do that? Is it documented or proven that some cat do pass gas when they're excited?
I just find it so odd!
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Awwww I've heard that mentioned a few times Amy, so someones bound to help you.

If i remember i think it may have something to do with the food their eating?!.

*touches wood* I've never really had that problem with Rosie and Sophie

Good luck and get the plug in air fresheners out
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Yes... I replied to someone else that mentioned the same thing.

LILO.. is the queen of farts when she is happy.
I have ONLY noticed it when she is happy. When I brush her or rub her belly. Or give her her treats. If Little Ms. Lilo is happy... you can bet big bucks she is gonna give my nose a surprise!!

Her brother Stitch (R.I.P) was the same way. They are the only 2 cats I have ever known to do this. (Well besides the ones I have heard about here)
I tried switching her foods and it helped with the smell only. Nothing made her STOP passing gas.

So I say just keep the belly rubbing for a time you aren't using the clothes pins to dry your clothes!!!

P.S. Lilo, meowmy s you and your stinky farts!!

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Originally Posted by ugaimes
(yes, she pretty much only eats if I'm there watching her ), she lets one rip.
I never heard about it! ......
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I have.. although Theo does it sporadically, it always amazes me when he lets a little one out and its always when he's on my knee!!
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We've had those before and it appears Aristotle will be doing the same. Pick him up, pet him, and ! He doesn't do it all the time, thank goodness.
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Glad I'm not the only one with a flatulently happy kitty . I guess it's one of those inexplicable things, huh?
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Haha Boy Finnegan does this too.. But it seems to be only when we're in bed at night and he's all happy curled up on his pillow RIGHT by my head... I think he does it on purpose cuz it butt is always in my face when it happens.. lol
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Oliver does the same thing. Its such a pleasant little treat, isn't it?
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