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Howdy from rural Texas...

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I just found this great site and had to sign up. I spent a few hours just reading posts and really got some good info.

I have six "children" right now....listed by age:

Kitty Blossum black longhair 5 yrs behavior problems
Cleopatra black shorthair 3 yrs outside usually
Wesa Flame Siamese 1 yr the only male
Ousti Baby Siamese mix 1 yr skin bumps (allergies?)
Count Chokula Tortoise Siamese 5 mo sleeps under the covers
Digger Pest Flame Siamese 5 mo she's gotta know whatever

I am looking for specifics on home remedies or treatment for the skin allergies. I live on fixed income and cannot afford veterinary treatment at this time. (I do well to feed myself.)

Look forward to hearing from you !
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Welcome to TCS. I don't have any advice for the skin conditions, but you may want to post in one of the other forums, perhaps Care and Grooming or even Health and Nutrition. There are a lot of knowledgeable people who will be able to help you!!
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Hi there! Welcome to the best Cat Site on the web I think you'll enjoy yourself here, lots of different personalities and viewpoints..the spice of life! I look forward to reading your posts, and we all just LOVE to see pictures of kitties if you have any!

As for your kittties problems, you could explain the behavioral problems that Kitty Blossum has in the 'Behavior' forum , and you could try asking about your siamese kitties skin bumps in the 'Health and Nutrition' forum as Daniela mentioned.
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Just wanted to say welcome to another Texas member. Hope to see you posting!!!
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Hi and welcome! You'll find alot of great information here. If you have any pictures, we'd love to see them.
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