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I am so sorry about your kitty. Hope you get the creep who did it.
Please everyone, don't let your beloved kittens and cats outside EVER. It is to dangerous out there for them. They can get shot, run over by cars, attacked and killed by dogs or other animals, pick up worms or some other worse diseases. They are so much better off being insided pets. I have a cat i have had 12 years, hopefully for 20l. I wouldn't let her out for anything.
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More prayers for you & your beloved Casmo.
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I saw your words and as most people here on TCS know my story.
On Sept 26th last yr my neighbor shot and killed my most favorite cat in the world-Sheba.
If you or your family haven't yet, you will need to make a written statement to the police. In my case when I called the sheriff's dept after I found Sheba. I explained the situation and mentioned that he has lots of guns-do you know if this person has alot of guns?? THe sheriff's deputy that responded actually called for backup before going to my neighbor's house. He of course denied shooting her but as the sheriff's deputy knew that I had found her body behind my neighbor's garage he asked about looking for her body. At that point my neighbor did admit shooting her. This was a very crucila step. Has your neighbor done this in the past and perhaps people were afraid of retribution??? In my case I was protected by law against any retribution.
What are the laws pertaining to domestic animal cruelty??? In my case he was orginally charged with a felony but pleaded to a misdeamor cruelty charge. I got restitution, he got a fine and community service. I wish his punishment would have been more severe but there was LOTS of publicity on this case, his picture was in the paper alot. So if you want to press charges against him you must be prepared to take some heat from the press. I had also received calls from the TV stations for intereviews. Plus the court system does not move quickly as my case came to court in May. So if you need any help from me please PM me.
I hope you Casmo can successfully recover from her wounds-but still pursue prosecution of that person.
These sites may help you: www.pet-abuse.com and www.aldf.org (animal league defense fund). This last site has student chapters at most law schools what could provide assistance.
Keep me posted.
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i'm sorry for your loss Gail and joe.
the cops are asking around people about the guy and someone did see him with a gun. this has happened before with him but i dont think he ever actualy hit someones pet.
as far as casmo is doing:
she was verry alive and awake this morning as i posted b-fore already i now put her in my dogs old traveling crate because she managed to find a way out of her box. also i gave her, her pils this morning after the first one she started foaming, is this normal?
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I remember when I had Tommie last year after he was done with this antibiotics (yes he was also shot) I started the worming pills. He foamed and gagged after that one. Kinda of freaked me out when he did it.
I'd call the vet. So Casmo is home-not at the vet???
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If they get enough of a taste of those nasty pills, they foam.
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Casmo is home. at the vet they couldnt do much more than we can at home. the vet is also out of town on holiday now.
i have good news too, at last,
she can move her toes i just went to check on her she was cleaning herself and then i noticed her toes moving in and out on both back paws (just one toe a paw though) Its a start
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I am so glad to hear Cosmo is home, and showing slow signs of possible healing....Give a big kiss and hug from me and my gang..
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That's great news! I just found this thread and I think it's just terrible how some people can be so cruel to animals. How can anyone be so mean to such sweet, loving and cuddly creatures as cats?! I truely hope he gets what's coming to him!! As for Cosmo, Patch and I are sending healing vibes her way and we hope she continues to improve. I will be keeping both of you in my thoughts and prayers.
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How awful people can be! Your story is bringing tears to my eyes! My friend's dog got shot once, she found him in her backyard dead, they never found out who it was. It was a little dog too, poor thing...

Please keep us updated! Sending you good vibes...
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This could be a product of far to much CSI ;-) but if any of those bullets, especially the ones closest to the surface, emerge, save it. The police can match it to the gun. Even with birdshot, they don't have the shell, but manufacturers all do different things with their bullets, anything can be traced. I don't know if they go through all that for a pet (BUT THEY SHOULD!!!) Plus, there are many facets of the law that can help. If they can't get him on cruelty charges because they can't prove it, they could always get wreckless endangerment. I shoot trap, so I know the laws about guns in residential areas are VERY strict. If he's been seen shooting his gun off in a residential neighborhood with live rounds, it's against the law (at least here, I don't know what you're gun control laws are in Canada/your province, but I'd find out, you deserve any kind of justice you can get!)
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I'm so sad AND mad about what happened to Casmo. We lost a precious kitten several months ago, he disappeared but I suspect he was poisoned. We do not let our new cats out. I am amazed at how cruel people can be.

So glad to hear Casmo is moving her toes! She sounds like she is going to make it.

The police should make sure the creep pays for your expenses.

Love and good wishes for Casmo's recovery.
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both me and casmo thank you for all your suport your thought and prayers are helping us through this
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She's moving her toes! Awesome! That is truely a good sign! I'm praying for you!
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I am so glad there is some good news. ANd I agree about saving all hte evidence you can. Things like this make me thankful I have always lived in a no-gun country (apart from here during hte war).
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Go Casmo! Keep healing baby!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
Go Casmo! Keep healing baby!
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I'm so glad to hear she can move her toes! GO CASMO GO!! Lots more healing vibes heading your way sweetheart.
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Sad to hear about the incident. Wishing Casmo a quick recovery.
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I'm wishing you and Casmo all the best. We -- Graycie, Go Go, Princess and Katie are all sending our best purr and human prayers.
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So glad to hear that Casmo can move her little toes. Hoping this is the beginning of a smooth recovery for her.

Sending both of you strength, good health & lots of love.
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You can also pinch her back feet to see if she has feeling!!! Let me know what happens!
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If this makes anyone feel better, there is a growing movement of lawyers who are fighting for animals rights. I will be one of them once I graduate law school. Although only 1 law school out of the 180+ ABA member schools even offer an Animal Rights program, many others offer courses.

If wont be long, I hope, before punishments for animal cruelty will be much, much more severe. In case of murder, mandary 10 year sentences is what I believe in for a start.

anyways, its a miracle cosmo is doing so well and hopefully hell be back to normal soon.
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"she can move her toes i just went to check on her she was cleaning herself and then i noticed her toes moving in and out on both back paws (just one toe a paw though) Its a start "

What great news!!! And just think, if you hadn't given her a fighting chance she wouldn't have had the chance to fight to start recovering her health. Keep us posted.
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casmo says thank you to everybody
il try pinching her toes tell you what hapens
good for you catguy we need more people standing up for animals
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I agree catguy...Thank you.
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i tried pinching her toes but nothing happend (i didnt really want to hurt her) i tried the same thing on her front paws but...
nothing happened
i tried everything but ya it didnt really make any difrence and it was kinda scary didnt want to like break her toes so i gave up maybe i should just leave that to the vet next visit when he comes back.
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Go Casmo go! Show that mean old neighbor that you can beat him!
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Casmo... its me and the girls and Garfield again.. wanted to stop back in today and let you know we are still thinking about you!!
We are sooo happy to learn of you moving your little furry toes.
You fight hard. You can beat this. And we are herE to send you lots of needed kitty strength. And love!!

Muah Casmo!!

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I agree..you should let Casmo rest tonight. When is her next appointment? Let us know how she is doing in the morning.
Originally Posted by cazimauw
i tried pinching her toes but nothing happend (i didnt really want to hurt her) maybe i should just leave that to the vet next visit when he comes back.
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