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I'm depressed & afraid of making Frisky feel worse!:'-(

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I don't know how much I feel up to writing right now, but I'm feeling lousy emotionally & I really need some help & someone caring to listen and maybe talk to. As many of you may already know, my dear sweet wonderful Frisky kitty has been sick now for about a month. I've done everything I can to stay focused on him and keep my spirits up so I don't sink into a bad depression, but things have been like a domino effect. I don't know if anyone here is familiar with mercury in retrograde (astrology) but mercury rules all communications, including computers, phones, even talking & the weather, & when mercury goes retrograde, all these things go haywire. Those who understand the "retro" & are used to its effects usually say "what can go wrong will go wrong".

I mention this because when Frisky got sick it was right before or during when the retro started. The retro lasted and went from July 23 - Aug 15. As always, the effects were already felt 10 days b4 and will be felt 10 days after. Right around the time that Frisky got sick and the retro started I was having painful emotional problems because a dear friend and I could not reach each other and our communication connection was very askew. He lives in another country so our only method of communication is via instant messenger chat, email, and occasional phone and without those options unless we improve our telepathy we don't have anything else. *sigh* :'-(

Long story short, 1 thing after another went askew and we were barely able to stay in touch at all. This made me feel very discouraged & depressed & I found myself crying a lot in the bathroom just to have a few moments to myself. Sadly, my dear Frisky is still in the bathroom & he has to watch me & listen to me cry, which I know makes him feel bad too. Add to this pain hubby & I bickering & getting angry with each other with my crying alone again in the bathroom & I'm sure that poor Frisky is feeling the pain.

So, I wind up feeling bad all around - worried about my dear Frisky & feeling sad that he's not feeling well & on top of that feeling awful with the negativity between us & possibly making Frisky feel worse. :'-( I'm trying not to feel guilty & I so want to console & cuddle with my dear sweet Frisky, which I do occasionally, but the yucky gross smelly "crap" all over the floor makes it very difficult. But sometimes I force myself in tears because I just gotta hold him & make sure he knows how much I love him. And by the way, I'm following up on 1 or 2 good holistic DVM leads I was given by a few members and THANK YOU all so very much! :-) I emailed and will call Monday. Okay, well, if you want I'll see how I feel and I'll try to write a little and explain a bit more this evening or tomorrow. I really need a caring friend.

Please help,
thank you, from my heart,
Dayna Frisky's Mom
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poor thing if you need someone to talk to feel free to PM me. God bless, and take care.
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I am here for you when ever you need to talk!!
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Sorry you are having such a bad time in your life Dayna, I am sending good vibes your way! {{{{ }}}}
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Dayna, one thing I know for certain is that our little furbabies can and do pick up on our emotions. Cats are extremely perceptive and empathic.

The Buddhists have a basic philosophy that even in the deepest, smelliest piles of dung can the beautiful lotus flower grow ... I have been known to proclaim loudly in times of great emotional turmoil "I ~WILL~ find that LOTUS!!!". So, keep digging, lamb. You'll find your lotus soon, I know it.

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Sending thoughts of strength and comfort your way. I love what Gayef said...it's a good way to look at it all.
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Dayna, I'm sending lots of happy vibes to you and healthy vibes to Frisky! Mercury in retrograde is an awful time for us all and I can't wait until it's over. I couldn't stand it last year and can't stand it now. Hang in there. Ride the storm: There's only a few days to go!

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have u tried to talk to your husband on how you feel?? it might help to share the pain.keep giving frisky cuddles but try n put on a happy face for him,it will make him feel better.
ill always listen if u ever want to pm me n talk. take care.
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Dayna,you definitely have friends here at TCS!! I am sorry that your Frisky cat is ill and will send prayers & healing vibes. And hubby-problems can be the pits, all right. When you outside tonight, look at the stars and know that here in CA I will look at them too, and think of you & pray & hope that you are feeling better. Hugs, Susan
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I know exactly what depression feels like..I'm still going through mine. If you need someone to talk to PM me..maybe we can help eachother.
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Feel free to Pm me, Email me, or Yahoo Me. all of my information is avalible in my profile.
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
Feel free to Pm me, Email me, or Yahoo Me. all of my information is avalible in my profile.
Me too. I'll listen any time you need an ear. Good luck,hon.
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