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Silly kitty

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Last weekend we went up north. We left right from work Thursday and came home Sunday. My parents came over and took care of the 'kids' while we were gone. We don't think Harvey took it to well. He hasn't left us alone since.

Well this last week I have been working at the ballpark all week and when I get ready to go he starts meowing and following me around and such. Like he's worried we are going to leave him. Well last night after I left I guess he 'yelled' at Paul until he followed him. He opened the door to the garage and Harvey looked out there for me. How sweet.

Then... later in the evening Paul said Harvey jumped up on his lap (that's another thing he's never been a lap kitty until this week) and meowed real loud right in his face then looked at him funny. Paul said he asked Harvey what was wrong and then Harvey went over by his scratching post and curled up and went to sleep. Paul was like "well thanks for telling me you were going to bed".

He's so silly.

What are some funny things your 'kids' do?
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Harvey is too cute.

Garfield fell in the trash can this morning. I was wiping off the bathroom counter while he was sitting on it, and although I wasn't real close to his feet, he just kept backing up until he fell off backwards into the little trash can. Within seconds he was laying stretched out in the bathroom door, as if to say, "I meant to do that!" He is such a goof sometimes! Way funnier than Festus!
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