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Do your cats have a middle name?

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Most of my friends think I am nuts, but yes my cats always have a middle name.

Abby is Abby Fay. I have no idea why, I just started calling her that.
Molly was Molly Moo. She used to have a strange meow that sounded like she was mooing.
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My kitty, Dagger, has a last name. No middle name.

Dagger Garcia!

Dagger and Kendall

P.S. I'm new and i'm Dagger's mama!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Lola, when she needs is, is called Lola Marie!

Leo just gets called Leonardo.
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Max has one - but he dosen't like it.

Max "Fluffy"
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Lizbeth is Lizbeth Ann.

McKenzie is McKenzie E. but I have no idea what the E. stands for
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Milky is Milky but a few of times during the day I call him "Amo Bonito" and "Smeagol" <----- this last one when he go over the table to inspectionate what we bring for the Grocery store! ................
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Dagger is taking a nap and he looks so cute!!

Dagger a.k.a Dag!

and Kendall!
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My kitty has a middle name--Joy (because she brings me so much joy!)
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T. S. Eliot:
The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn't just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.
If they have a middle name, it's trouble!
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I guess mine do, after thinking about it...

Dusty Mop
Snickers Bar
K.C. Sweets
Jessie Messy
Hammie the Monster (the 'The' is part of it)
Zorro Buddy

didn't think about it til ya said that!
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Not really middle names, but nicknames. Gizmo is Gizzie Moo (because she's fat...kinda mean ) Sasha, my husband came up with Salsa Kitty. Or Mobster Kitty. He thinks she looks like a mobster....I have no idea why.
Just for everyone's amusement, I'll list the nicknames of the dogs, too

Lucky - Lucka Puppa
Sammi - Sammiders, or Sammity Sammers (my 3 year old came up with the first one)
Little Man - Itty Bitty, Ittely Bittetly (DD again), Itty Bitt Many Puppy Wuppy Dog (yes I baby talk him something awful!) And when I dress him and pull his hair in a topknot, Hubby says he's a Pretty Princess! LMAO

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Nope! They have their show names though ie. Silver Double Grand Premier Captivating Tickle Me Elmo!
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Well for me, Trixie is Trixie Pixie, Petals is Petally Poo and Tigger is Tiggy Wiggy, so I guess the middle names are Pixie, Wiggy and Poo!! LOLOL
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My kitten doesnt have a middle name... He's just Nermal, but I've been calling him Baby Cakes for some reason. I guess he could be Nermal "Baby Cakes" Johnson, but that seems kinda fruity for a male cat. I think its more of a nickname than a middle name.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Silver Double Grand Premier Captivating Tickle Me Elmo!
Now that is a fantastic name!
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Bob's name is BobCat Mitchell. His middle name is after the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie. When I was going to name him I was considering several character names from MST3k movies (besides Mitchell, Rosdower, Torgo and Krankor were in contention.) Freckles doesn't have a middle name, at least not yet.
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Sierra Elizabeth
Serenity is still in the process of selecting her middle name.
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All of our pets have middle names, but I can never remember the cat's (I know Buffy has one, but I can't remember it, and Willow's keeps changing). First Willow's was "Spinelli" (like that character from Recess) but then it changed into something else, like "Billy." Unfortunately, I'm using "Billy" as her nickname all the time, so I don't think that will do (having it as her middle name). Buffy's could be "Barbie," but I use that as her nickname all the time too. Eh, I'll think of something soon... lol
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My cats have them, but they arent cutesy nicknamish things....

Elliot Murphy and Aerowyn Lynn

Murphy was Elliot's name at the shelter I adopted him from, because he does this cute "murrrphhh?" thing all the time.

Aerowyn Lynn just kind of flows together :O

I think I gave elliot another middle name also but I dont remember what it was right now... lol.. I think it was another name that I had found that would also have fit him very good, but I forgot it.
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They didn't until their aunty Susie(kittylover4ever) started calling Rosie "Rosie Posie", and i think it was Chris (captiva) who gave Sophie her title of " Miss Sophie"
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Yes his middle name is Mason
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Pollýanna´s full name is Pollýanna Scarlet, both with very thinking behind them. Pollýanna, because "Pollýanna" the childrens book, was my favorite (together with another book called Lotta, maybe my next cat will have that name), and because Pollýanna, the childrens book character was always so happy and optimistic and thankful, and I was very happy and thankful when I got my Pollýanna, and she would reming me of beeing thankful and optimistic. Scarlet after Scarlet O´Hara, who had the personality of cat, did what she wanted, when she wanted, if she wanted, and when it suited her.

At first Feykirófa was supposed to be Gulla Feykirófa, since my oncle had Feykirófas mom and his name was Gulli and Feykirófa was his favorite kitten of the three in the litter and also because my ucle was very ill with cancer when Feykirófa was born and we knew where it was leading. He died a year later. So officially her name is Gulla Feykirófa, but Feykirófa is only used.
With Pollýanna, Pollýanna Scarlet is often used together.

Of course they have a few nicknames as well.

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Originally Posted by captiva
Lizbeth is Lizbeth Ann.

McKenzie is McKenzie E. but I have no idea what the E. stands for
Chasey doesn't have a middle name, but I often call her sweetie or sweetiepie!!!
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