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Siamese will not eat from food bowl

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HI Everyone!
I just adopted a 2 year old Siamese and am having problems getting him to eat from his food bowl. I read a previous thread about cats hiding their food, but this is a little different as he will absolutely not eat his kibble unless it is on the floor.
He came to us very sick with a respiratory virus and would not eat for several days. He was very weak and I was trying everything. He would not and now will not eat wet food. I finally got him to eat by opening the bag (more smell?) and letting him take the food out onto the floor and eat it. At first I was just happy he was eating something but now he has gotten better and it is just a mess.
Has anyone experienced this before? And if so how did you deal with it? Or am I just doomed to clean up kibble?!
Thanks Much!
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Yup. What kind of bowl do you have for him? He might be struggling with the height of the rim or it could be slippery - hard for him to get a hold of the kibble. Particularly if he was weak and ill. He may not eat wet food because he never has - often cats aren't picky eaters at all and will only like the one thing all the time. This is a bonus and not something I would fight if I were you!!

Sashka is a little tiny girl, like a Siamese which are generally small and dainty, and she has trouble with larger bowls. We got around it by getting her a large, flat dish and she doesn't drop the food on the floor anymore first.
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I'd just like to add that some cats will not eat out of a bowl if their whiskers touch the sides.
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Yes, I think this could be a problem. The rims on both of the bowls I tried were somewhat raised. I will try a shallow dish.
Thanks for your quick response
Shashka is very pretty. My cat is grey as well we named him Sterling.
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Try a cookie sheet-
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You can try using a plate or saucer. Otherwise, put a placemat under his eating area. It will make clean-up a lot faster. Spot keeps dropping the food from his plate onto the ground, which attracts ants by the dozens.
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