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What gorgeous kitties you hsve - sending warm thoughts!
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Oh Boris... you poor old sausage! That definitely sounded like an allergic reaction to a sting - our old cat Candy had a bee sting that caused the same reaction in her as you've seen in Boris - she was stung on her paw (her own fault for chasing the damned thing) and her entire leg swelled up - but she also had a nasty tummy reaction with it. One thing I will warn you to watch now is if Boris has to be put under anaesthesia for any reason, tell your vets about the sting and the reaction is caused, because it's likely that the anaesthetic will cause the same reaction now. Apparently there's something in it that is very close to what's in a bee sting/wasp sting - this is how we lost Candy. She survived the bee sting, but an anaesthetic a few months later took her. Though according to our vet in the uk it's very easy to assess an allergy and to come up with some alternative solution.... so it's definitely well worth just keeping an eye open for. All my thoughts and prayers for Boris - hope you get some sleep.
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Just caught up with this, morning my time. I do hope poor Boris get better soon. The awful thing is not knowing what did it, so you can't guard against it again. Thinking of you and your wonderful cats.
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Oh dear, poor baby! Boris, I'm absolutely praying for you! Please feel better very soon, little boy!
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Oh poor Boris!

I hope that Boris is feeling much better now and the reaction has gone! Sending lots of healing/recovery vibes and thoughts Boris' way and lots of calming vibes to you and Terri

Please do let us know how he is!
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Get well Boris

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. {{{ Hugs}}} to Amber who must be really worried about her brother. I can't believe this happened - just yesterday I was catching up with their thread in Furpictures.

Please keep us updated!
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I've just seen this now (((((healing vibes))))) on their way for Boris
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Poor Boris, you must be worried sick. Any further news yet?

Lots of healthy {{{{vibes }}}} coming your way.
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Sorry to hear about Boris - hope he is getting better - plenty of "good Health" vibes and hugs coming his way from over here.
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Boris i love you!
Please get better
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Poor Boris. Lots of healthy, healing vibes headed his way!
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Awww Boris! Just now seeing this thread....I hope he is doing better this morning. I'm taking a moment now to send some prayers and vibes your guy's way....hope he is back to bobcat perfection very soon!!! {{{{{}}}}}
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Keeping the good health vibes going to Boris.
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awww poor thing! *sending healing vibes and prayers your way*
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Get well vibes to Boris {{{{ }}}}
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Eagerly awaiting good news about Boris. Poor sweet dear.
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I am so sorry to hear about Boris!!! Sending "get well" vibes to him AND "hang in there" to you and Terry! This must be nerve wracking for u guys!!

Pls keep us posted....
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I have an update. After exhausting myself with worry, I finally fell asleep. I woke this morning to the sound of Boris making his oh so very cute wroow wroow wroow noises that Bobcat's make (They do not meow) Much to my surprise, there he was lying with Amber. He did not eat for my wife this morning, but showed an interest. I gave him some raw turkey and he did eat some, but would not eat his meat with any of the vitamin supplements on it. However, this is a HUGE improvement from just 10 hours ago. I gave him his meds, but I think they make him sleepy. Well, at least he did eat some and there was no more growling from the pain he must have been experiencing. His eyes look like himself once again. Last night, his pupils were very small and he had such a dazed look on his face. Thank you once again for all your help and kind words. I will keep everyone updated
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Oh thats good to read that he is getting better. I never even thought about my cats and getting stung by bees/wasps etc.... Bakker does like to chase insects around the house. I'll have to check w/my vet on an emergency solution if this happens.
I hope he continues to get better!!!
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That's wonderful!!!! WHEW! I will keep sending Boris "continue to get well AND EAT SOON!" vibes..
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Ohh I am so sorry to hear what you and your family is going through !!!

Boris is in my thoughts and prayers!
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Glad to hear that Boris is on the mend!!!!
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You go Boris. Hurry up and get better.
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Sending many thoughts and prayers to you all, especially Boris.
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I've just seen this now ......My best wishes that he recovery soon as you well said John...
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Sounds like he is on the mend This is great news
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Good to hear that Boris is better. Here's to keeping on the mend. Sending extra love to Boris from Me.
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SOOOOOOOO glad to hear that Boris is feeling some better this morning, even if he's not 100% yet. That was pretty scary -- I can't imagine how scary for you, John! Keeping the "get well" vibes and prayers coming. Feel better soon, sweet boy! and please! no more eating stinging thingies.
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Wonderful news! Hope he continues to mend and leaves his hunting skills to the meat in his food dish!
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What a relief to read some good news!
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