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HELP!!! BORIS needs your prayers!!!

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Everyone, please help Boris either ate or was stung by something much large than a bee . All we know is it stung him in the mouth and may have stung him in his throat all the way own. I was at work and my wife called me from the vets office. Boris was outside in the enclosure enjoying himself. Then, my wife went inside and just a few minutes later, found him on the living room floor with his face swollen and the tufts of hair on the sides of his face was sticking out. His tongue was also hanging out and he was drooling. By the time she had gotten to the vet, he had vomited a mucus blood mixture and he also had diarrhea. The vet treated him with meds, but at this moment, he is still vomiting and there is quite a lot of blood in there. I am so shaken up at the moment, I can't even eat. All of you who know me, know how much these Bobcats mean to me. I can not lose him. He is my boy Please help with as many prayers/thoughts as you can. Thank you
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Prayers and good vibes on their way.
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John, I'll definitely keep Boris in my thoughts and close to my heart! to you and Terry!
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Oh no! Poor Boris! Keep us updated. Sending many hopes that it gets resolved quickly and happily.
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Prayers & healing thoughts for sweet Boris.
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Oh, poor Boris! I am very sorry he is going through this! I sure hope he is feeling better soon!
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John, MEGA vibes are heading your way. Poor Boris.
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Oh, I'm so sorry! Poor Boris! I will definitely be sending him lots of good vibes and thoughts!
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Thank you all sooo much. I am so worried right now. I have had cats get stung by bees before and never really had any problems. This must have been some sort of wasp or hornet, because they can sting more than once, unlike a honey bee that can only sting once. I am not even sure if it was a sting, it could even be some type of spider bite. However, I looked out there and I did not see any signs of any large or dangerous spiders. You know, just when you think you have every possible thing covered, this happens. I never even thought of having a bee sting kit on hand. It's going to be a sleepless night
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Definitely keep us updated! I'm about to retire for the night, but I will check this thread first thing in the morning to be sure.

Boris is in my thoughts ... I will light a virtual candle for him (it should be blue, for health, although I couldn't find a gif of a blue one so we will have to imagine this one is so.)
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oh, best wishes, please keep us updated!
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John I hope Boris Comes out of it all right. Howard
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Oh, John, how awful!! Poor sweet Boris! Of course, prayers for him, for healing, and for you for what calm you can find. Please do keep us posted whenever you have news.
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All my spare prayers are coming your way for boris!
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I definitely have Boris and family in thoughts and prayers tonight. Get well soon baby boy.
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Boris is in my thoughts. He will get well!
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I have a dog that makes a habit of chasing bees and never had this reaction. Thanks for the warning about it. My prayers and thoughts are with you and Boris. Heres to him being better in the am.
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Oh no! Poor Boris!!
Sending many good vibes to Boris. Hope he gets well real soon.
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Sending prayers your way! This sounds very serious
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Poor Boris!
Sounds like he may be allergic to bees/wasps. Please keep us posted!
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Pray that Boris is fine... pls keep us updated.
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Poor baby! Lots of love and healing vibes to Boris and hugs to you and Terry and the rest of the bobcrew!
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Sending healing thoughts his way.
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Ohhhhh BORIS!!!!!
You beautiful boy you!! What did you eat?
My gang and I are praying for you big boy.


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Sounds like anaphylactic shock I hope he pulls through
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Oh my! I am deffinately praying for Boris right now! And your whole family!
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Originally Posted by hissy
Sounds like anaphylactic shock I hope he pulls through
I was starting to think along these lines myself. Poor boy, even Amber looks worried. Her pal isn't well Well, it's been about 2 1/2 hours since he last vomited. I feel this is some good news, because he was vomiting about once per hour. I think the good vibes, prayers and thoughts are helping. He is sleeping under our bed (how he fit under there I will never know). I am going to do one more check on him and then see if I can sleep. Terri, myself and of course Boris, thank you. I will keep everyone posted.
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sending lots of vibes and prayers your way. That's the only thing bad with our fur children....they can't tell you what happened....and if they're feeling better, or where they hurt. Hope you can get some sleep!!

By the way, your cats are all so pretty.
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Sending many *Good Vibes* for Boris
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Sending prayers and get well quickly thoughts to Boris.

to you and your family.
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