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Found Kitten

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A few days ago my neighbors found a very cute little kitten in the gutter. Animal services came to rescue him since he was trapped in there and eventually when I heard about him and met him I decided to take him in. He seems pretty healthy so far. He eats pretty well most of the time, but doesn't drink a lot of water. I found "Wiskas Cat Milk" in the pet section of the grocery store and he seems to really like that, so I figure he's getting enough hydration from that. He's also a little less skinny than he was on his first day with me.

In spite of all of these very good things about this kitten, my husband is really worried that he may be infected with rabies. I have no reason to suspect that this kitten has rabies, but he was outside in the elements for several days and his whereabouts before then are unknown. He's not mean and he doesnt bite or scratch much at all except when being playful. All of his behaviour seems to be perfectly kitten-like. I only found one flea on him and I gave him a bath and have not seen any more fleas.

How likely is it that such a young and healthy looking kitten has been infected with rabies? I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow to get vaccinated and I expect everything to be fine as far as his health.

Here he is on his first day with us:

We've decided to call him Nermal after the kitten in Garfield who is known as the cutest kitten in the world.
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Congrats on your new kitty! He is a cutie pie. How old is he?(if you know)
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Oh, he's just precious!! How wonderful of you to take him in! (Although I don't know how anyone could say no to that little face. )

The odds of Nermal having rabies are about slim to none. First, rabies is very rare overall in even wild animal populations in the US. That you aren't talking about him climbing the walls and freaking out tells me that he isn't a feral cat, who would have been more likely to be exposed to wild animals. Also, the animals that would normally have rabies (raccoons, foxes) would have made short work of a kitten.
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Ask the vet about rabies in your area and have him vaccinated against it if the vet recommends it. It is a legal requirement in many places. The vet will also deflea and reworm him, as well his shots, all essential health procedures. I wish you joy of your new little furbaby.
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Take him to the vet, he needs a vet anyway. You can talk to your vet about your husband's concerns, but if this cat did have rabies, it wouldn't be drinking cat milk-
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Rumor was he was a month old, but its all a guess since we don't know where he came from. He was probably too little to be away from his mom, but I think it just makes him more attached to me.

Originally Posted by bogeyandbetty
Congrats on your new kitty! He is a cutie pie. How old is he?(if you know)
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what a cutie!! i can see why you could not say no, not to a face like that!!
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Congratulations on your new baby! I love the choice of name - Nermal - it's a great fit! I know that your vet appt. is today, but just to satisfy & educate your hubby, I'd speak to your local animal control about the possibility of rabies, what they feel the public should know, etc. Your health dept. would also have info.
Heidi is right about the animals that are the most common carriers of rabies - raccoons, coyotes, foxes, bats. Please update us with the vet report.
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Originally Posted by hissy
but if this cat did have rabies, it wouldn't be drinking cat milk-
It would be drinking your blood!!!!!

I kid, I kid! Saw the picture and "aww"ed at my computer.
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What a cutie!! Thank-you for taking this little fuzzy guy in & showing such kindness

Ditto on what has already been posted -- rabies is a long shot with your little one. A vet. really should check him out anyway and make sure he has all his appropriate baby shots, etc.

Good luck with him & again, thanks for showing such kindness to this little guy.
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Nermal went to the vet yesterday and they did the feline leukemia/aids and the fecal test and he checks out! My baby is perfectly healthy! Yippee. The vet said that rabies is extremely unlikely given his age and how he currently acts.

Here's another pic from a couple days ago. He looks older but its just an illusion!

And another where he looks psycho but cute! Its just after his first catnip experience so I dont blame him.

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Good news! that is great. He looks a darling.
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What an absolutely darling baby!! Keep us updated on Nermal, lots more pics please!
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Way too sweet! I wanna hug him!
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