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what should i do?

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As some of you may have read, I am putting my one cat, Midnight to sleep today. I have another cat, Barney, they were usually always playing and rough housing. She's been gone at the vet for over a week, and his behavior seems to be fine, but, should i get another kitty soon for him? Because I really dont wanna seem him down in the dumps. The thing is, I will almost feel bad asking for another cat right after we put Midz down, but it would only be for Barney, what do you think? I'm pretty sure he'll be okay, but i still worry. Thanx!
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You need time to grieve for your sweet baby Midnight.

I would not adopt a new kitty for awhile. Barney seems to be OK. Give him lots of extra attention & love for the next few weeks. Introducing a new kitty into your household right now could be a disaster for you & Barney.
When you are ready to adopt again...you will need to do research about to introduce a new kitty into your home.
It is not easy. You will want it to turn out well for the new kitty & for Barney.

Your job right now is to grieve for Midnight & give lots of love to Barney.
I am so sorry for your loss.
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Agreed with xocats. Give it some time. Sorry about your loss.
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I agree, you and Barney need to grieve together and comfort each other before taking on another cat.

RIP Midnight sweetie
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I think you should consider bringing in a kitty as soon as you feel your heart is ready to do so. Sometimes, just sometimes, the antics of a newbie in the house help to bring a little peace in grief. Do what your heart tells you - and my heart goes out to you in your time of loss.

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I agree...you will know when your heart is ready to adopt again.
I urge you to do some reading about new kitty introductions before you adopt. There is quite a bit of info. in the behavior forum I think.

Please post a tribute to Midnight, in the "Crossing the Bridge" forum, when you feel up to it.
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I think for barney, it would be okay. And also for me it would be okay. Barneys a very friendly cat, he'll love anything and everything. I think that we should get one some time in the future though, thank you guys!
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