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Please help me, Elle is missing.

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Elle got out of the house last night and has been missing since 7pm (it's now 7am). I searched for her everywhere with no luck. I set up food bowls around my tent and camped outside for the night, the only cat that came for the snack was my neighbors cat.

I already put up posters all around my block with her info but I don't know what else to do. She's only 8mths old and she LOVES to run and I fear she won't come back.

We searched for her at the crack of dawn, but I don't think she would stay put I think she could be anywhere..

Guys I feel like I am dying inside can anyone help me?

What else can I do? What if she doesn't come back?

If you're wondering why she got out I was robbed last night and when the police came I made sure to lock them both up but then they came back later in the evening when I was at my parents house and my boyfriend thinks she got out when the police were over the second time. I don't care about the stuff that was stolen I can replace that, but I can't replace her.
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Oh no!, thats everyones nightmare with our cats isn't it!

I've heard it mentioned many times here to leave a trail of their used litter so they can recognise the smell, and what about shaking their bag of kibbles, because my two always know that sound?!.

Have you looked in amongst bushes incase she's crouched down hiding?!

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Thanks Susan, I have already tried the kibble idea but I am going to try the litter idea right now.
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Keep us updated, and my fingers are crossed
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What a terrible evening and night you have had. A robbery and now Elle missing. I do hope you find her soon.
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when maverick went missing the trick which i think worked was leaving her dirty litter outside so she could smell her way home.

was she spayed or on heat?

if she was an inside only cat the chances are shes close by. make as many posters as you can and put them out around a three mile radius.

the best time to spot a missing cat is about 2am when its quiet and still so go and look for her then.

if you leave out dog food as well as tuna and cat food the smell lingers in the air longer and will be more likely to tempt her back.

ring around all the vets and shelters you can and leave a description or even a photo.

these are just a few things i did to get my cat back and she did come back by herself five days later.

sending you vibes and prayers that she comes home soon.
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Oh no! You must be so upset! Please check out this site . Elle, I'm praying for you, please come home very soon!
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Thanks for the support.

She is spayed and right now we're going house to house.

Update in a bit.
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Originally Posted by JaneMary
Thanks for the support.

She is spayed and right now we're going house to house.

Update in a bit.
Do you have bushes or anything (where a cat can hide) near your house? When my parents cat had escaped, she was sitting in a bush right next to the house, and wouldn't answer when called.
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Oh I am so sorry. How frantic you must be. A double whammy in one day.

I pray that you find Elle soon.
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I feel deeply for you. This is everyone's worse nightmare. Keep looking & check every day with the humane society's in your area. Get outside & make a fool of yourself by calling Elle. Knock on doors all around your area & ask people to look in their back yards & garages. I cannot imagine how you must feel right now. Don't give up .
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Thank god!

My neighbor found her in their apartment. I guess she snuck in when the police were coming in and out of our house. They DID look for her when we said she was missing but I guess she was scared and tucked away somewhere.

I just spent 2 hours going door to door and when I saw her I collapsed, I have never been so relieved in all my life. It’s a reality check when you lose an animal…they mean much more to me then any items that were stolen from my home EVER could.

I haven’t eaten in 24 hours, so I better go eat something and start cleaning up the mess the robbers left behind.

Thanks everyone for the support, this was by far the worst day of my life to date and I really appreciate the help.

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YEAH!!!!!!!!! Giver her extra hugs from us!
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Thank God Elle is safe at home now!
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I'm so relieved you have her back. Yes, I feared Simba had gotten out one day, and I thought I was going to lose my mind. I know how you felt. Somehow, I'll bet seeing her at your neighbors, was the most wonderful thing you've ever laid your eyes on. I know I felt that way, when I saw my Simba was safe and sound.
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So very glad to hear that Elle is back safe at home...
Give lots of kisses from me and my gang
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Woooh I was reading this thread from the start wondering what the outcome would be....!

Jane, I am so glad that Miss Elle has returned home I am sorry that you were robbed as well...
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Jane...This is wonderful news. I know that the robbery was the least of your worries when your sweet baby was missing. Thank God Elle is back in your loving arms. Your heart can beat again.
For this very reason, even though my kitties are indoor only, they are micro-chipped & they wear collars with ID tags.
I am thrilled for you.
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Oh Jane, I'm so happy with your outcome. When we can't find our kitties, our heart just doesn't beat right again until they are found, whereever that might be. I was absolutely frantic last year when I couldn't find my Pixie. I searched and called and yelled and cried and hollered and called until I was blue in the face. Where was she? In the guest room up in the box springs of the matress. The material had ripped, and she found a new spot to sleep........

As for being robbed, that's awful! Did they break into your house?
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Jane, I'm just catching up with this - what fabulous news that Elle is home and that she's safe and well. You must have been going out of your mind with worry - but now she is back with you . I'm so sorry to hear about the robbery too. I hope everything gets back to normal soon.
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Oh, that is good news. And what a smart kitty, to hide somewhere safe.
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I'm glad your beautiful kitty is back home!! I bet she's getting smothered with kisses. I don't even want to think about what would happen to me if my cat got out. You're a strong person and you did so, so well!
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Soooo glad she is back. We have all been through those terrible hours or days, and I am so pleased the outcome was good and Elle is safe.
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Glad she is back!
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So glad to hear Elle is safe and sound. How horrible that whole ordeal must have been for you! I hope things can get back to normal soon!
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I am so happy for you that Elle is safe! You have been through two major ordeals, please do something for yourself to help ease the stress of a robbery and the scare of Elle sneaking out!
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Oh thank goodness you've found her Get the hair dye out because i bet thats caused a few grey ones to come through!
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Thanks again guys for all the comments, it's nice to feel not so alone.

As for the robbery, a young teenager on a bike (spotted by next door neighbour) was seen leaving my house. My doors were locked by he busted a basement screen and got in, I never thought anyone could EVER fit through that window, I am 5'2" 110lbs and it's SMALL, I remember once we locked ourselves out and thought about going in that window but we both said only a 4 year old could fit through that!!!

Alas, some little rascal did and then proceeded to tear my house apart. They only made off with a 1000$-1500$ because I am a starving student and don't have all that much lol! They broke a lot of sentimental stuff which hurts, not to mention they went through all my personal belongings. I am thankful nothing worse happened, I have to count my blessings.

The police officer said it's too bad I didn't have a dog because these little punks probably wouldn't have broken in. Simon and Elle were probably begging for pats from the intruder they love when new people come over.

Well I have lots of cleaning to do, so I better get to it.

Thanks again for the support.
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I'm so happy to see that you found her So sorry about your stuff, though
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I've read this post and I'm glad your kitten came back-she was probably scared of all the stuff that was going on.
I hope that they get the kid who robbed you though.
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