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Why do I get so many headaches =(

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Man I've been getting like serious headaches lately. I thought it was cuz I wasn't eating enough so I started eating a bit more..but still got them. Then I thought it was caffeine headaches so I started drinking a soda every morning and I still got them. Has anyone else had this problem before?
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You probably should see a doctor as there are different types of headaches such as migraine and stress headaches cause by muscles in the neck and shoulders being too tight. Also, you will want to rule out any organic causes which need treatment.
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Have your eyes checked, that would be my first course of action.
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I don't have any advice....but sending you good vibes....
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Originally Posted by katachtig
You probably should see a doctor as there are different types of headaches such as migraine and stress headaches cause by muscles in the neck and shoulders being too tight. Also, you will want to rule out any organic causes which need treatment.
Neck pain sounds reasonable *cough* headbanger *cough*
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don't forget sinus headaches. I get them all the time and they are horrible! I hate allergies! Yes probably a good idea to see your doc : )
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My headaches are usually hangovers

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Right now actually I have a pretty severe headache but managing to stay on..I think I might turn in earlier than usual tonight.
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Originally Posted by Lil_Axl_Gurl
Neck pain sounds reasonable *cough* headbanger *cough*
That was my first reaction - that or sinus/allergy. I"ve been having trouble w/them lately myself.
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My sister was getting migranes all the time. They still don't know why and she went to the doctor for it.... I think it was do to stress....
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I used to get headaches when I sat near a heater or got to warm... went to a chircopractor and discovered I had something out of line in my back - he put me back in place and headaches disappeared

good luck!!
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Need more iron? Isn't that one of the common causes or am I mistaken.
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I have suffered from headaches for years. A visit to the doctor is your best bet, since there are so many causes of headaches - eyestrain, etc. Until then, you could try the test on . Also, a quick test for sinus headaches is simply lean forward & touch your toes - if the pain worsens, it could be sinus which can also be caused by dental problems, in addition to a cold or allergies or even inside air pollution, including a dirty air conditioner filter. If that's the case, I've always been told to take ibuprofen for pain, Sudafed (I use the Sudafed non-drying which has guafensin? ) to clear the sinuses, and 3 times a day use saline solution to clear out existing gunk. For migraines, I have a prescription for Amerge, which works great - for some reason Imitrex makes my headache worse (migraines are the worst! I get sensitive to sound, light & I get sick to my stomach); when I was on the Pill, my migraines got really bad. Also, some perfumes & scents, including clothes detergents and some shampoos (the perfume in PanteneProV can have me worshipping the porcelain god in very short time), will cause a migraine to come on. I also have to watch my diet; I get migraines from MinuteMaid Orange Soda (from the artificial color), MSG (I also get puffy hands & feet), etc. I also have neckaches from a car accident which can create combination headaches: I've had the shots & muscle relaxers (which can cause their own kind of a hangover headache, so I try not to take them), but I find that reflexology works very well, in addition to hotpacks on my neck (Massage the points on your ears, face & feet, as well as the area between your thumb & the rest of your hand. Press, doing small circles, and when you find a really sore spot, press on it for 3 seconds, then release & do small circles on that spot till you feel it working - this works great for stress headaches, too). Anyway, I hope that some of this helps! Be sure that you're getting enough protein, and taking care to keep your blood sugar level in control; and WellingtonCats is right - iron problems can cause severe headache. Mint tea sometimes helps, too, no matter what kind of headache. I'm sending lots of {{{healing vibes}}} your way! Hope you feel better soon! Susan
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I agree tat there are so many causes it is best to see a doctor. But when I get a headache it is almost always because I am dehydrated - I know I don't drink enough water or caffeine free drinks. Try drinking a glass of water each time you feel one coming on and see if that helps. It certainly can't hurt.
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when i was 11/12 i went to the doctor because i had severe headaches.. she talked to me about it and it was because i was under stress, and immagine a 11/12 year old having so much stress?
later on i developed if i were infront of the computer screen for too long i would get headaches, last year i dicovered that my eyes are a weird loop and this is why i get miagranes, and nobody literally can apply make up, bring any metal nor can i wear sunglasses.. anything that touches inbetween my eyebrows eep i will shake my head and go crazy from the pain in my head.

When i got my nose piercing (i dont have it anymore) i got severe headaches also.

You need to drink pure water atleast 5 glasses a day to clear up those headaches.
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I know that if I sit in front of a computer monitor or play video games for too long that I will get a headache just from the light and motion on the screen. Also you could be leaning into the monitor and causing stress on your neck and back muscles. I've found that strectching out the muscles in the neck, upper back and shoulders really helps to relieve tension that is causing the pain.
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My suggestion is to go and see a chiropractor. A few years ago I started getting constant headaches. Sometimes they were just small and nagging and sometimes they were really bad. Ibuprophen was the only thing that would help them...tyonol (geez, I can never get that word right!) never ever worked for me. What happens is my neck gets tight and it slips some of the disks out of line, which pinches nerves. The headache from this is at the top of the back of the neck and at the front of the forehead.
It really helps me.
Hope you're feeling better. My mom swears by cold compresses on the neck if all else fails.
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go to the drs. i was getting bad headaches but it was the codine in some meds i was taking. changed my meds no more headaches.
also get your eyes checked.also have a food allergy test done.
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my husband gets baaaad headaches - 1/2 the time it if from something he eats. Onions are the big no no. He still eats them, but in Small amounts. Theres other foods that do it too.

(If you need a quick fix - and not for every headache - try "Goodies". Its a headache powder. You pour it onto your tongue for a sec, makes me personally gag, and then drink a glass of water. Fixes you up in a few minutes. They also have it in PM too. Its great.)
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