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Been there, done it! I also watched as a couple I lived with abused and neglected their cat Molly. But my situation was a different, I was the one moving out, and I just couldnt leave Molly there with them. She came to love me, waited in my room for me, and slept with me every night. It took racking my brain to come up with an idea on how I was going to take her with me...because they would rather kill her than give her up...They would have known I took her if she disappeared around the time I was leaving, and I had no safe place to keep until then. So, when they were at work on the day I was to leave, I took one of my heavy work boots, secured a towel around it with rubber bands, and put it in a garbage bag, and tied a tight knot in the top. When they got home that night, I was crying my eyes out and apologizing profusely(even though Molly was allowed to go outside whenever she wanted) because Molly had been "hit by a car" that morning, and she was in the garbage bag in the gargage. I said I didnt know what else to do with her...the husband went right out, picked up the bag, stood there a minute, and tossed it in the garbage can, came back inside and said laughing, "Well, that's one headache easily thrown away" It took me a few minutes before I could stand up because I was shaking so bad, afraid I was going to get caught, but the wife thought it was because I was still upset over Molly...and kept saying dont worry about it, I hated that cat! Well, I drove down the street, got out, opened up the U-Haul and got the box Molly was in and put her in the car with me, and drove from Denver to Iowa with her where she lived with me until she died at age 16, happily!
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Awwww you angel!
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I said it about the missing and abused German Shepherd dog, and I'll say it here too - people like that should be hanged, drawn and quartered. Perhaps if they say that they'll drown her again, you could slyly add "what if I were to take her then?" make the offer, and I'm pretty certain they'll take the bait. They sound very much like they're more willing to shrug off their responsibility than to buck their ideas up. Perhaps you should try that... I'd talk to the ASPCA if I were you. You can lodge a complaint with them because they actually have full police power - they will investigate the claim and if necessary will confiscate the animal and prosecute. If there is sufficient ground to do so, these people would be prevented from keeping an animal.
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If you were taking your injured child to the hospital, would you obey the speed limit ? ?

IMO, there are times when I would, and have, said in effect, "to hell with the law in this case".

You know what has to be done, and you know you will feel better after you do it.

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Salem, that's a great story.

I was going to suggest that you tell them someone you know offered money for the cat, but since you already offered to buy the cat, I don't know if that would work. Maybe if you say someone ELSE offered to buy the cat for an amount you know they'd take, they wouldn't say no.

If that didn't work, I would catnap her.

I'm glad you'll be moving out soon. When I read that, it made the whole situation a lot better. I thought you were stuck there. That would drive me nuts!
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Originally Posted by halfpint
I wonder did I hear you say she climbed into a suitcase of yours once before
Actually, my kitten Misty disappeared on me for a few hours. Turned out that she had climbed inside my laptop case and fell asleep right next to my desk. I wonder if I can find a case big enough for Fiona???
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Duhh... I replied to the wrong thread! Sorry!!!
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Hi everyone.

My apologies for not posting this update much sooner. I finally got on the internet today for the first time since the move.

I'm most happy to report that Fiona is well and safely away from the husband who intended to drown her because she wouldn't "snuggle" with his wife. The husband showed up here at the new apartment two days after the move. He stood out in the hallway outside my door yelling at the top of his lungs "where's my f---ing cat?" I told him that she probably slipped out the door sometime during the move. Well, I didn't exactly lie to him. I just omitted the fact that she had a little help.

Fiona left the house inside of a heavy cardboard apple box that I padded with a couple of heavy rugs. I thought that Fiona would probably be a little ticked off about being put in the box. When I went to get her out I found that she had buried herself in the rugs and fallen fast asleep. She was a real trooper throught the whole ordeal.

A couple of nights later the husband came here again, this time demanding that I hand over Misty to take Fiona's place. I told him that it wasn't going to happen so he might as well forget it. The following night he sent his wife to say that they really didn't care about or want Fiona anyway. That was pretty obvious from the start.

Watching Fiona now is like watching a completely different cat. Fiona doesn't hide from people anymore. My friend and his family think that Fiona is the most awesome cat in the world. I can't argue with them on that one little bit. She is more playful and more active than she ever was before. I plan to bring her home at the beginning of next month after the husband and wife leave for Tennessee. They planned on coming back in April or May of next year, but have recently decided to stay there.

Unfortunately, the husband and wife have already found another cat to take Fiona's place. It will probably be the same story all over again. I really do wish that there was some way to blacklist people like this from ever getting a pet.

I agree that two wrongs don't make a right. In most cases I would consider theft an immoral act. To me this was different. I couldn't in good conscience allow Fiona to be killed. In my mind that would have been wrong in itself. Fiona has so much to offer anyone who will spend the time to get to know her. The people who are holding on to her now have already fallen in love with her.

It's nice to have a happy ending once in a while.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you, for one of the best "reality show" endings I have EVER heard....
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Fiona sure is a lucky girl! Too bad they replaced her already
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I a so glad it worked out for you and FIona! Bless you for making the effort to save this dear creature!
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wow, such a happy ending, i was wondering what had happened, congrats on your new kitty and saving her from those two

i bet she's a lot, what's their address so i can catnap the next one

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Originally Posted by Sooz123
Yup. Don't say another word to them about it. Not even an off look. Let them forget you said anything, and in a week and a half, just before you're about to move...

Cat? What cat?

Steal the cat, steal the cat - oh I know it's illegal but does that make it wrong??

It's a pity you can't tell them that their cat doesn't `respond' to them because they are complete losers. Why don't you suggest subtly that if this woman had the door slammed in her face and she got knocked over because of it she's not likely to want to love and cuddle the person who did it afterwards, either??

The only thing that bothers me the most about you rescuing this poor kitty is that as soon as it goes they'll probably just get another one and subject that poor creature to the same type of neglect.

Honestly, can you work up the courage to say, `YOU ARE BAD ANIMAL OWNERS. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY PETS.'

Ohhhh I don't know them - I'll do it for you!!!


Ok I just saw your post about Fiona's rescue - you complete legend you did ABSOLUTELY the right thing and you should be proud of yourself. They sound like major, major a**holes to me.

Their poor new kitty - you can actually report people to the RSPCA and have them monitored and, in some cases, kept from having pets again.

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Fantastic news!!

You should be so proud of yourself for rescuing Fiona, only wish more people were as brave as you
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Yay! You rock!

In most cases I would consider theft an immoral act. To me this was different. I couldn't in good conscience allow Fiona to be killed. In my mind that would have been wrong in itself.
Ditto. You didn't STEAL the cat, you RESCUED her! Good for you!
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Originally Posted by pushylady
Yay! You rock!

Ditto. You didn't STEAL the cat, you RESCUED her! Good for you!
LOL! That's EXACTLY what I was going to say. I was just reading through all the posts before I replied!!!
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