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Can't Hurt to Ask, or does it?

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A lot of you have probably heard me babbling on about this Halloween haunt thing our neighborhood "Event Committee" is doing this year. We're talking a full size Haunt set up most likely in my front yard, mostly for the benefit of the neighborhood. We've done two other events so far that had a great turn out, but we pumped our own money into it so we're looking for HELP! We're starting from the ground up, every prop, scary noise, and the "maze" itself will have to be made, bought, or borrowed.

My question for you, the loving loyal members of TCS, is... are we a worthy enough "non-profit" organization to go around asking people if they'd like to sponsor us? Since all of it is coming out of the pockets of five people, and this event in particular could get quite expensive and time consuming, we'll need all the help we can get... so I'm pondering the thought of contacting local businesses and the like to see if they'll donate things for a couple nights' use.

It's a nice neighborhood of about 150 homes... so at least 300-400 people if you figure an average of *about* a 2.5 person occupancy, in most cases more. The neighbors have loved the things we've done so far... and Halloween is BIG around here (LOADS of trick-or-treaters). We plan to put out signs on the main road (four lane), and flyers on the bulletin boards in the nearby grocery stores. That should draw in several out-of-neighborhooders.

What do you think? Do we have the right to tout ourselves as a "non-profit" and ask for help from businesses???
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Local businesses might go for it, especially if you have some way of publicly acknowledging their contribution -- good advertising.
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If it makes money by drawing customers in Local Business just may help, but if it does not put money in their pocket I don't think they will.

Regardless I wish you the best! I also wish I lived in your neighborhood! Why not ask the neighbors to contribute a few bucks! I know I would if I lived there!
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Personally, I think asking local businesses to sponsor you is a great idea. Give them space to set up a table or a sign to let people know they sponsored you though. Maybe at the opening gate you could charge a small admission fee - make it free for kids but adults pay a buck or something.
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Better check into the legalities of touting this as a "non-profit". You may run afoul of the IRS.
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