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hi, my name is beris and i am a new member, i live in australia and i own a bengal. i am hoping she is pregnant but i am not sure. she was with a stud when she was on heat last. she should be about 6-7 weeks now and there is only a tiny bump. she has had a few drops of vaginal bleeding but tonight she seems to be calling. anyone got any ideas.
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Hello Beris!

I am not able to answer your question concerning the bleeding but I would like to wish you and your bengal a warm welcome to The Cat Site!

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Hello and welcome!!!
You may want to ask your question in the pregnant cat forum here.

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Originally Posted by stormy
Hello and welcome!!!
You may want to ask your question in the pregnant cat forum here.
Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS!! You'll find this a friendly, helpful bunch.
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hi and welcome!! hope to see your posts on here!! (i just love bengals, they are the cutest!! can't wait to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have a bangel to!! i them sooooooooo much ! and welcome to TCS!!

p.s if she is preg than congrads!
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ohhh! and i forgot to say my bangel (bindi) is preg to ! and she is showing all the sines of a 6 week alog now!
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Welcome to TCS, Beris! In addition to posting in the pg.cat section, you might PM Hissy - she's very knowledgeable What is your kitty's name? Thru TCS, I'm learning more about Bengals, and they seem to be a real joy to their owners. I love their colors & I'd love to see one jump! I have a manx-mix & he can easily leap 7-8 ft. in the air - and I hear that Bengals can top that! I look forward to learning more about your cat & you! Susan
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thanks for your welcome susan, and everyone else, those little manx cats are just the sweetest, my daughter has a manx-mix too. she is called baby and is so affectionate. my bengal, sheba, is when she wants to be too but the rest of the time she is never still. on top of the fridge in a single bound then walking across the top of the windows. at the moment she is on top of the computer monitor with her front legs dangling down so i cant see. she fetches and like most bengals is intrigued by water. i only take her outside on a lead but she would love to get out and into the chook house. thanks again. beris m.
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