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Kitten vomiting white stuff....

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My father has 3 kittens that he adopted when he rescued the mother and she was pregnant. She was sick when he got her, and we lost one of her kittens already.

They are 5 months old this month.

The problem is, earlier today, Squeaker started vomiting a white kind of fluffy looking stuff...and the first thing that I thought of when I heard of this was that she ate something that has either gotten stuck or she cant digest. She is still drinking water, but she hasnt eaten. So, I am taking her to the vet first thing tomorrow morning. My concern is that while she is still drinking water, we dont know what is causing the white fluffy vomit. And I want to be sure that we are making the right decision.
The emergency vet is out of the question given the distance.
Any suggestions to get us through the night until 9 am tomorrow morning when I can get to my Dad's and take her to the vet??
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You're right to take her to the vet. It could be something she ate, upset stomach, etc, but a vet can help you with this. There isn't enough to go on for me to give you additional advice, but a vet visit is warrented.
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How's the kitten today, and what did the vet say?
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Just catching this thread now. How is the kitty doing. Sending good vibes.
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Sorry I am just now getting back online. Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary....so the computer didnt happen between the phone calls and dinner and year old cake....
I took Squeaker to the vet Saturday morning for my father because he had a class to teach. The vet ran a feline leukemia and aids test, and she came back negative for that, and they did a fecal examination, nothing out of the ordinary there. Her fever was a little high, but they completed a physical and couldnt find anything serious, so they said she either had an upset stomach, or something like a kitty flu. They gave us some anti-nausea medicine to administer twice a day for four days, and by yesterday, she was eating a little. Now her littermate Roly has the same symptoms, and the other littermate, Tigger, is acting kind of lethargic.
The vet said that if she wasnt eating by today, Monday, to bring her back, and they would do ct scans and x-rays.
So, I guess shes going to be fine. She seemed a little more like herself yesterday, so Dad is a little less worried!
Thanks for the posts!
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I would watch your crew closely- did the vet check for distemper? the fact that the others are now acting like she did is worrisome- do they have a temp? If they do then please take them in to be looked at as well.
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