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How big is your bed?

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I am trying to decide which size of bed to buy for my new apt. - double/full, queen or king - I would like it to last me for around ten years, so I am wanting to make sure I make the right choice to last that long and don't have to re-buy within the next few years (cost is a factor though, as I am a full time student, so on the other hand I don't want to go nuts and pay for more space than I really need). I share the bed with four cats, and while I don't share it with a human on a regular basis at this point, I'm hoping it's not outside the realm of possibility that I will within the next ten years, so I'd like it to be suitable for two people and four cats. So, how big is your bed, and do you share it with an SO or pets? Do you feel you have enough space with the size you have, or are you cramped (or alternately, do you feel you have more space than is really necessary?). Other thoughts? Thanks!
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I have a twin bed and it's not big enough for me and the two cats!!
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I have a queen sized bed which I share with my boyfriend and the cats occasionally. A king size would be nice but a queen is just enough room. But the cats rarely come on the bed and we only have 3 and they are kittens. I'd say go with the king size.
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My bed is a full. It's a hand-me-down from my brother when I got my first apartment. It does fit both Waffle and I, and it even fits Brendan when he stays on a rare occassion, but if you're going to have it for 10 years I would probably go with a queen. The full doesn't give enough room if there's two people who both like to sprawl out. It's a fine size for people who don't move around too much at night. Just my opinion though.
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Originally Posted by MissCharlotte
I have a twin bed and it's not big enough for me and the two cats!!
That is what I have had up until now, as my current bedroom is a glorified closet , and yeah, it's definitely way cramped with me and the cats (and when I have a guy sleep over, we have to sleep on my very uncomfortable futon)!
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Queen size here!
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IF I had the room I'd have a king, but our "master" (I use the term loosely ) bedroom is only 12x13'. So, we have a Queen which is a good compromise, 6" wider and 6" longer than a full so that you (and the cats ) have room at the foot of the bed. The king is an additional 6" wider on top of that but that is a LOT of extra room if you've got the space for it.
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California King sized motionless waterbed here. I couldn't have a bed where I couldn't fit 4 dogs on.
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I have a queen size bed. Usually it's just me but once or twice a week my boyf stays over. It's plenty big for us both.
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Queen sized and it's not big enough for 2 adults and 4 cats, let alone the 6 who'd like to be on it.
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Queen size...

We have just enough room for us but we are more 'snuggly' sleepers. The cats usually don't sleep with us but when they do they are by our fee. I would suggest a queen.
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We have a queen and sometimes I wonder if we should have a king. But I don't think a king will help any. Everybody (Hubby and cats) sleep on my side. There's a quarter of the bed on the other side empty. I figure a king will have half of the bed on the other side empty. I am the center of the bed's universe for some reason.
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We have a queen size but were saving up to buy a king. My boyfriend's 6"4 body needs more room!
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I have a full size...between my cat and my boyfriend i get a lil corner... lol we definatly need a bigger one!
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We have a king, but we could use a bigger one. It's usually me and hubby hugging the edge of the bed, while the three kitties are spread out in the middle. We just got a new pillow-topped mattress, and they just can't get enough of it.
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I have a queen, but I oh-so desperately need a 'California King'. Or so I think it's called, that gigantic oversized king sized bed?

Between me and the cats, a queen sized bed just ain't cuttin' it.

My next bed is gonna be a big ol King.
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I have a Queen and It is just about right for Me and Rufus and Lukey.
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I have a queen-sized bed....perfect for sleeping two cats who THINK they are queens!
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I think you're pretty safe with a queen.

BUT.....If I was sharing the bed with four cats AND a husband/boyfriend, I would probably opt for a king.

I guess I'm not much help! LOL.

Maybe you could just buy a futon (if you like them) queen size, and then by the time you're ready to buy a nice quality king size and have a boyfriend/husband, you can splurge on a nice king?

I love my futon. I would marry it if I could.....
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Queen size. It sleeps the two of us, plus as many of the cats as want to be there. We don't usually have all three of them, but we certainly have had, with no difficulty.
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Queen size here. It is just fine for me and the three cats, even though my cats don't like to snuggle close to each other. Usually one sleeps on my right, one on the left and one at my feet. When my husband was alive, we only had two cats. Usually then, only one cat would sleep with us. Apparently, they thought four was a crowd under those circumstances. If they'd been the type willing to sleep closer to each other, it wouldn't have been a problem, though.
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I have a Queen sized bed. It's just me, and the cats on it.
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I'd go with a queen...do you have an IKEA in your neck of the woods??

Personally, I've got a full sized bed right now, it's enough for 2 people a fat cat and a kitten. But we're both rather small people, the taller one of us topping out 5'5". I'm not looking to have that bed forever, definitely not if Ian and I decide to make official our tentative plans to get hitched 2007. However, the matress, frame, linens and everything cost me a measly 300 bucks at IKEA
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I have a queen and one cat and dog at all times leaves me with about 6 inches to lay on ... I vote for a cal king
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My queen-sized bed is fine for my girlfriend, myself and my two cats. I think a king would be too much!
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I want a queen but we only have a full right now. cause the sheets cost to much to replace! and and steve are small and cuddly..and the cats wheezle in too
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King is what happens to be in the place I'm renting. It seemed huge when I first moved in! I had to buy new sheets since I had never had a king size bed. Queen has always been sufficient.
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good thread as we are due to buy a new bed soon too.
I would go and buy a king size! but either way a queen size bed would be fine
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California King. Not sure what the difference is between regular king size and California king.
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