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What age were you born to be?

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I often think that I was born to be about 35-40, as I was always told at school I was old before my time, and prefer a nice country pub to a club anyday!

Never really liked my teens or early twenties as I didn't really like the same things as my peers. Now that I'm getting older (approaching 28), my friends are in their 30s and 40s and I feel much more content! My younger friends have grown up and now want to talk about the things I have always liked, like books rather than boys and pop music!

What age were you born to be? Will you always be 17 at heart, or should you have been drawing your pension at 17? What age were you most comfortable and happy with life?

Does age really matter, or is it all a state of mind?

You can tell it's Friday and the boss is out, can't you!?
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Age is all in the mind as well as just a number i say.

Me, i'm in my 40's but still think i'm in my 30's!

So if your ever out with this 40 something don't think your sitting in the corner all night!!!
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I'd say that I was meant to be 18-20 ish all my life. I'm 27 now and I still catch myself thinking things like "when I'm all grown up I'm going to..." and I'm already techinally a grown up! It is true that you are as old as you feel. Hopefully I can continue to look that young for a long while to come too!!!
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Well, I'm 45 and other than the few strands of gray hair, I like my age. I hadn't really thought of it before, but I think I like the 40's best so far. The woman on "Body Electric" years ago used to say "Forty and Fabulous!" I like that a lot.
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I think as I get older, I'm more comfortable being me. I'm happy to say I don't like something, rather than feeling like a social lepar if I don't agree that Robbie is the best looking out of Take That!

Not to mention, I now have a house and a car and two gorgeous little kittens, which I certainly didn't have when I was 17!

Originally Posted by rosiemac
So if your ever out with this 40 something don't think your sitting in the corner all night!!!
I'll bear that in mind if we have a UK meetup!
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I am 22 but i have always been told that i act much older. I feel like i should be 30. I had teachers and friends in high school that told me that i was too serious or too mature. I'm also married now so I feel like I am older My husband sometimes makes me feel like his mother instead of his wife....He'll ask what's for dinner over and over again, or where is my shirt or wallet...and so on
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i would like to go back at being 12 13, those days were so fun
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I was born a decade too late, I should be in my late 40s early 50s
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I'm a nature loving flower-child from the 70's. I should have been a teenager or early-twenty-something back in the heyday of hippieness.

So to that end, I look and act very youthful and always will. Flashing my peace sign, wearing flowers in my hair, making everyone smile and getting compliments on my tie-dyed skirts.
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Hrmn... I was born in the 80s... I suspect I should have technically stopped at about age 16. I spent up until then feeling like I knew how it should be, like I'd done it before and then I got to 16 and that feeling kinda stopped. Every day after then I've felt like I'm 16 on the inside. Wierd? I don't ever feel like I was born out of my time.... I think I was supposed to be born in the 80s, but I don't think I was meant to be around now... that's a strange thought, I guess.
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I think I like my actual age. When I was an older teenager, I was very immature. Then got married young and had my daughter, and felt very old at 21! Then my 30's were good, and I am enjoying my 40's too. I would like the body I had at age 19, though! LOL!

My 9 y/o daughter was born old. She is very sensible and wise beyond her years. And she has a fabulous memory for things that happened years ago. I think she will make a great adult someday, because in some ways she is like one now. But still a very social and fun kid.
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I'm looking forward to my 50's. Only eight years or so to go!
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