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Progress (or not) on house!

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I have just returned from Normandy in France, where some of you will remember I have bought an old farm, which coonsists of the house and attached barn, another unrenovated barn and assorted stables, outbuildings etc with two fields. After deciding to take down the awful wooden cladding that hte previous owner had inflicted on half the house, the builders discovered that the wall behind was unstable so had to be rebuilt. Then the roof timbers were found to be rotten so have to be completely replaced before a new slate roof can go on. At the back there is damp, so a trench is being dug to find the cause. Apart from all that, putting new bathrooms and kitchen in and landscaping the garden are childsplay. Here is a record of progress in pix:

The old house and the barn with the wood cladding.

The wood cladding and the wall demolished

The new wall in place, ready to take the roof off!

And here are views of hte surrounding country that make it all worthwhile

I have been promised it will be finished by Christmas!
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aww wow it looks totally different from the 2nd to 3rd pic!
cant wait to see the finished product
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It is going to look FANTASTIC when it is done!!!
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How exciting...that's definitely some progress! It's going to look gorgeous when it's done!!
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At some point I know you must've wondered if you shouldn't've just knocked it down and started over, but something that old, with so much history behind it ... even if there's only one stick of the original house actually left when you get finished it'll be a triumph!
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So are you going to invite us all over when it's finished?

Great job, glad to see the progress!
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Its looks like it is coming along pretty well!!! The fountain is cool and the views- well they are just very peaceful!!
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it looks so good ! love it!
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Oh, I also wanted to comment, that is some really nice rockwork !
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Nearly as good as the rocks in your siggy!! But thanks, I am pleased with it and I do believe that I have some really good workers doing it all - the only problem is they are perfectionists and that costs money. When the dormer windows and the new roof go on it will look great.
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It is just lovely, so happy for you and trying not to be a bit jealous too! Best wishes on getting it all finished before Christmas so you can spend it in your new house.
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Ready by Christmas? okay!

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Originally Posted by gemlady
Ready by Christmas? okay!


Jenny, the renovation is going so well! Congratulations!
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Looks lovely, Jenny!
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