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being alone
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
Getting stuck in an elevator.
I will climb up 20 flights of stairs before climbing into an elevator.
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also going on a tube train,didnt like them b4 the attacks now im def keeping away from them.
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Worms.. I'm terrified of earth worms
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Originally Posted by PrissyKitty
My husband is afraid of the dark but he won't tell me why.

Any of you that are afraid of the dark, do you know why? I used to be when I was a kid but I grew out of it.

My husband can not sleep without a nightlight by the side of the bed, and he sleeps with a pillow over his head which I find -odd-

I can't sleep unless it's absolutely pitch black so sometimes I either have the blanket over my head or I have an eye mask.

My Brother and Sister made me afraid of the dark; it started when I was very young, they would keep on scaring me in the dark or locking me in the basement and tell me that there is a ghost down there and it's coming after me.
But they did that over and over again, and if anyone found out that I was afraid of the dark who ever it was would do it if they had a chance. So to this day I am still afraid, I always think someone is going to grab me or chase me, or I'll see a ghost or something. I have tried to over come it but still no luck. I have turned off all the lights in the house and tried walking around in the dark to get over my fear; it might work if I do it often.

You should try that with your Husband, maybe twice go with him and after that, he has to do it by him self.

My husband always tells me to face my fear. I think he's right.
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To Cyber Cat:

This is very interesting. Peter didn't have an older brother or anyone who locked him in the basement or anything. I think maybe he is afraid of stepping on a cat? I can not imagine how terrifying that would have been as a child. When I was a kid the worse my older brother ever did to me was wrap me up in a futon and tie it closed and roll me around the house and down the stairs, etc. perhaps that is why I don't like confined spaces. I'm not claustrophobic, I just like freedom to move around. I have "restless leg syndrome" LOL and I can't stand the sheets being tucked in over my feet and I hate sleeping bags!
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I am also terrified of being stuck small, enclosed spaces or not being able to move. I almost had a panic attack on the Superman roller coaster at Six Flags because it straps you in and you can barely move at all.

Which started when I was maybe about 5 or 6. I was at my aunt and uncle's house and for some odd reason we were taking turns hiding in a clothes hamper. When I got in they both sat on the top and wouldn't let me out. I passed out.

So now sometimes I feel claustrophobic when I'm in a small space or I'm stuck.. my heart starts to pound and I can't breathe. I get so scared.
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I'm mortally afraid of enclosed spaces, too... claustrophobia. I don't like elevators or places I can't see out of. Fear of being smothered, etc.

Mortally afraid of needles. Even after getting a navel piercing, I still freak when I think of needles.
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I'm mortally afraid of water too. I forgot! I guess I was in a hurry the day I posted the first time. I am not the greatest swimmer. I panic if I'm on a dock or on a boat or anywhere near big bodies of water. When we were in SC, me and Trav and his parents went for a walk down around the little lake where they lived and when I walked onto the end dock, it started MOVING!! I turned around very quickly and walked away. Plus the fact that there were alligators in there didn't make it any easier
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This might sound quite dumb but the only thing I am MORTALLY afraid of is my own father. My mom and him divorced when I was at the age of two due to abuse. I would have to visit him and I would remember hiding under the car or the bed screaming so I wouldn't have to go. I lived with him once and moved back with my mom finally because of all the abuse. since the age of 4 I was in counceling and on medication off and on. I had lots of psychological problems and at 13 I finally lost it and was having horrible dreams every night of him. I was hurting myself and had to go to hospitals to get help. Now 17 I am all better but still have dreams of him. I know I will never have to see him again but still whet he has done to me and the rest of the kids and my stepmom (even though I don't like her) still haunts me.
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